rinnovare casa con le tende

How to refurbish your house starting from your windows

Anyone can have a sudden urge of renovating and improving their homes.

Often there is no need to make massive changes as only focusing on the furnishing accessories can really add something new to your home.

In particular, nothing can change a room as much as new curtains or blinds. They establish a style, they can give an elegant and welcoming feeling, they can be a focal point or blend perfectly in the background.

If your windows are a bit dated, or if you simply fancy something new, it is definitely time to change them and give a new look to your rooms!

Starting from the style of your windows can be the right direction to change the feeling of a room but only if this choice has been really thought through.

When you need to opt for a solution to refresh your home it’s essential to think about colours, fabrics, lengths, and models.

With so many decisions to take, it’s easy to feel confused and that’s why we put together some suggestions to choose the right window treatment for your home.

Change the colour and fabric on your windows

Fabrics are an essential element when choosing a window treatment, especially if you fancy something you.

First, you need to decide whether you want to change completely a room or maybe you want only give it a new touch.

Heavy curtains can diminish the light and become too big in room, whereas lighter solutions may not fit well and make the room look more chaotic.

A winning solution can be roll-up blinds which are available in different materials:

  • Blackout:  available in PVC on both sides or with PVC on one side and fabric on the other. These are capable to protect the room from sunlight and from the heat, thanks to their insulation properties.
  • Screen: fabrics capable to guarantee a diffuse luminosity and good shielding but they are not 100% darkening.
  • Recycled PVC:  this fabric made with recycled materials, it’s a ‘green’ choice  but doesn’t compromise on quality, durability over time and will also provide good energy savings.
  • Cotton: natural fabric, versatile and  suitable for any room.

With regards to colours, bear in mind that, in time, sunlight will inevitably make the colour of the fabric fade away.

For this reason, if the room is very bright, you should avoid lively colours as they will tend to fade away more quickly.

If you want just to refresh your rooms, choose neutral and light colours as they are more versatile, more suitable for different kind of furniture and they are less likely to lose colour over time.

However if you frequently redecorate your rooms, you shouldn’t worry about it as you will change them well before this happens.

Light and transparent fabrics are ideal to create a happy and light feeling in a home, and can be the right choice to bring a fresh new style that sometimes we feel is needed.

Refurbishing using double glazing blinds

If you are thinking of refurbishing your house starting from your windows, this could be a good opportunity to show off your DIY skills.

However, before start using your tape measure and drawing up sketches to decide the length and the width of your curtains you should remember that sometimes this process can be more difficult than you might think.

You need to pay attention to the right distance between your curtains and the floor make sure did they don’t obstruct the opening of the window.

The best thing will be to seek the advice of an expert and perhaps to choose blinds for inside double glazing.

This will be a great way to renew your home!

You won’t go crazy with all sorts of measures because the blinds will be directly sealed inside the double glazing of the window.

Innovative, functional and very elegant, double glazing blinds offer great shielding from the sun and guarantee you high levels of comfort.

Your house will also benefit from big energy savings.

New blinds functional for every room

Blinds can make a huge difference in every room and they are one of the quickest way to refresh the style of your house.

To approach the renovation of your house in the best possible way, make sure that each window blind is functional for the different rooms.

  • For bedrooms, in case you don’t have shutters and where the space is limited, we would suggest to choose roll-ups as they guarantee privacy and give a touch of class to a room.
  • Filtering blinds are the best option for bathroom as they will keep your privacy and provide you with a good quantity of light.
  • You can play with colours and textures in the living room, but you should always try to maintain an elegant, clean style and an overall welcoming feeling.
  • Finally, in the kitchen, where the blinds have to coexist with odors and steam and where they need regular cleaning, the best possible solution is to opt for double glazing blinds.

As we just saw, if you want to renew your home and give it a good new look, you just need to change your old window treatment for new and play with colours, models and fabrics.

These suggestions can have a great impact in your home, so choose the ones that are more suitable for your needs and that will help you create a welcoming place where you are happy to relax and recharge your batteries.



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