LEGO ha lanciato la sua linea di arredamento in legno

LEGO launches its first collection of wooden furniture

The LEGO Group is famous around the world for creating toy interlocking bricks, which were made of wood until the 1960s but, since then have been produced using plastic.

Except for wooden miniatures launched in 2018, LEGO Group has not developed any new products with this material for more than 60 years.

Today LEGO enters the world of furniture in collaboration with Danish brand Room Copenhagen.

This project offers grown-ups who are still Lego fans the chance to relive their childhood fantasies and have their homes designed with pieces made using the famous bricks.

LEGO® Interior Design: the collection

The collection includes photo frames, wall hangers, book shelves and drawers and, exactly like Lego bricks, it’s possible to stack them together.

A collaboration between Lego and Room Copenhagen was already ongoing before this latest project. Room Copenhagen had developed plastic products designed to look like large LEGO bricks, such as a cabinet for storing toys.

The creation of this wooden furniture is a natural continuation of the good working relationship between these two companies.

While Lego’s acronym comes from the Danish saying “leg godt” (play well), Room Copenhagen’s philosophy has always been to create “Playful Nordic Design”. Could there be a better partner for the LEGO Group?

The furniture is made from FSC certified red oak – which means that trees are grown sustainably. The colours are neutral and dark resins are applied to the furniture to make it suitable for any style of decor.

Every piece of the collection is hand-made, it is scaled to the dimensions of the original bricks and also bears  the iconic Lego logo.

Wooden Venetian Blinds to use with Lego furniture

If you decide to bring a touch of Lego-style in your home, you shouldn’t forget accessories that can enhance it, like wooden Venetian blinds.

Sunbell’s Iconic Line offers you a large selection of innovative colours that make these products very versatile. Enhancing your environment with wooden Venetian blinds will guarantee your comfort and create a great sense of wellbeing. 

The Lego Home Wooden Collection will make your home elegant and playful, while Venetian blinds will add a minimalist touch and a sense of order. 

The Lego wooden collection is available on Lego’s online shop and on Nordic Nest, with prices starting from €95 for smaller items. 

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