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Practicality and functionality are cornerstones of our Iconic line. Classic products that revisit, with a modern approach, the traditional world of Venetian blinds. They allow managing the light of spaces with precision and simplicity.


A highly innovative and functional line of blinds, characterized by durability and aesthetic rigor. The Crystal line represents a real revolution in the world of double glazing, offering different levels of solar shielding and high comfort.


Quality, efficiency and elegance. The intention is to combine all these elements in a unique concept and innovative aesthetic. These models can be used with both manual and motorised solutions and with a large variety of fabrics for any need and space.

Sunbell: perfect fusion between innovation and design

High-end technology applied to solar shielding and a ‘Made in Italy’ style are the heart of all Sunbell projects, thanks to an innovative production process in constant development.

A highly specialised work method that, combined with our creativity, has allowed the company to establish itself with international patent and a unique know-how designing integral blinds.

Sunbell offers exclusive blind systems, developed to create unique atmospheres tailored to your needs.

Every product perfectly integrates and blends concepts of quality, research, innovative technological solution, high-tech materials and craftsmanship that make our company a reference point in the sector.

Up&Down Battery, exclusive system with a European patent.

Featuring a magnetic actuator and electronic control outside the glass unit: this is an exclusive system patented by Sunbell for Up&Down Battery. This innovative system, built inside the double glazing, doesn’t need dedicated electric systems and it’s easily adaptable to sliding frames.

This system has been developed to be used in situations where there is no direct access to electric power but, most of all, to guarantee safety and long-lasting durability of the product.

This motorised system for the control of integral blinds doesn’t need an electronic board, which is instead placed inside the external control that powers the system.

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