Sunbell: the dimension of light

One hundred thousand technical blinds per year, light control solutions, and a new line being launched: Sunbell’s success knows no bounds

There are several ways to manage light and Sunbell knows this well. Since 1977 Sunbell represents a leading company in the industry of technical blinds and light control solutions, made according to a production process in which technology, innovation and craftsmanship come together to create highly customized and top quality products.

The production plant based in Rovato, spreads over seven thousand squared metres and it is the beating heart of the company. Sunbell produces over 100,000 blinds per year, satisfying the requests of more than 2000 customers throughout the country and beyond.

A long family history, that of Sunbell, a personal and entrepreneurial progress, marked by continuous growth and a very clear vision: competence to offer high-performance solutions between design and functionality, durable, resistant and customised products; personality, because people make a difference; ambition, the force of growth and the motivation that pushes the company into the future, developing new projects and products for increasingly attentive and demanding customers.

Vision: a furnishing and privacy proposal for the functional partition of spaces

The long experience in integral blinds sector, together with a deep knowledge of the market are the premises of Vision, a complete range of technical blinds for double glazed partition walls.

Designed for the corporate world and dedicated to offices and workplaces, to make spaces increasingly inclusive, collaborative and open, without giving up privacy and managing light in the best way.

The offer includes a variety of fabrics and shades of aluminium venetian blinds that can be both managed manually or through the most modern home automation systems, so that each space receive the desired illumination. From boardrooms to shared offices, the glazed units make every environment comfortable. Light and view can be managed independently, offering total privacy or limitless view.

Sunbell’s ambition leads to an impeccable design that combines design, funcionality, technology, and performance in every workplace.

A new product that has already found applications in various sectors: logistics, hospitals, naval, where the need is the creation of spaces and the management of volumes without building extra walls and superstructures.

Design and functionality for homes, commercial spaces and public environments in three lines of products

Vision is the latest addition to Sunbell offer, to give greater value and support to the three main lines that have always guaranteed total satisfaction of designers, installers and consumers.

CRYSTAL: dedicated to integral blinds. This product is suitable for all flat glazed surfaces, giving the possibility to install venetian or pleated blinds inside the double glazing unit. They regulate the light and can also guarantee total darkening of the spaces. Their movement can be both manual and electric, and can be connected to home automation systems too. Sunbell has also developed its own application to control all the blinds in your home or office just with a touch.

ICONIC: classic, iconic venetian blinds. From the most traditional venetian blinds for public spaces, to wooden venetian blinds with different essences able to furnish contemporary and characterful environments.

ROLLER: blinds of technical origin, which are well suited to high-profile domestic environments, ideal for furnishing any space with functionality and style. The blinds of the Roller line, in fact, have a wide choice of fabrics:

  • Blackout for sleeping areas; filtering for the management of daylight; screen and reflective for new combinations. For public and professional spaces, and hotel rooms Sunbell has chosen sound-absorbing and fireproof fabrics, certified for the widest uses.
  • Last but not least, fabrics are available in more than 150 shades and finishes to make the roller line suitable and functional for any environment.

Technical knowledge and all-round consultation regarding Sunbell’s applications, makes this company and its products a solid reference point for the research of high-quality solutions.

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Sunbell, the future of blinds design
Born in 1977 thanks to the intuition of its founder Giuseppe Zuelli, Sunbell is a leader company  in the sector of technological advanced blind systems and it established itself for the strong connection between product development and design. High-end technology applied to solar shielding and a  ‘Made in Italy’ style are at the heart of all Sunbell projects, thanks to an innovative production process, in constant development.