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How to choose darkening blinds: a purchasing guide

If you are sensible to sunlight or if you have strong roadlights just outside your window, then darkening blinds are a great solution to create total darkness in your rooms.

As we know,  sleeping is very important and when we don’t rest enough or we don’t sleep enough numbers of hours, it can affect our wellbeing.

During the day we feel tired and irritable.

Lack of sleep can lower the strength of our immune system, making our body more vulnerable to colds and flu.

For this reason you need to make sure to have enough darkness when you rest in order to sleep well for a good amount of hours.

When we have this problem what’s the best darkening blinds to use? What’s the best option for your needs?

There are several models of darkening blinds on the market but usually the best practical choices are three:

  • Roll-ups
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Double Glazing Venetian blinds

Darkening roll-ups are produced with a thick fabric specifically designed to block sunlight, whereas Venetian blinds are designed with a system of slats that can completely shield your room from sunlight.


Roll-up blinds are often the most popular choice if we need to choose darkening blinds for our home.

Maybe this is because many people don’t know the existence of other types of darkening blinds and tend to choose the most common model.

However the reason, roll-ups are a great choice in case you have a problem with too much sunlight.

Roll-ups can be order to measure and in a blackout fabric that will protect you from sunlight and heat thanks to its thermal insulation function.

This type of model is perfect for bedroom as black fabrics guarantee maximum privacy and complete darkness.

There are two type of blackout fabric available:

  • PVC covered textiles: with a specific technique a thing layer of liquid plastisol is spread over textiles.
  • PVC on one side and fabric on the other, which is essentially two fabrics  joined together by glueing them or sewing them.

So, if you have decided to opt for roll-ups to deal with too much sunlight coming in,  we suggest you to pick a model with a blackout fabric.

One of the main advantages of roll-ups is that they are versatile and available on the market in a large number of models, colours and graphic designs.

This means then you’ll be able to sleep peacefully while also adding a touch of style to the room.

Roll-ups blind are in fact not just functional but they can also be a great furniture accessory.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a slightly more elegant option as they tend to be a bit less common and, especially if purchased in aluminium or wood, they offer a very distinctive style.

Because of these characteristics venetian blinds offer you the opportunity to give a touch of personality to your window, while also efficiently manage the light intensity by positioning the blind slats according to your needs.

Venetian blinds can block too much light coming in and become a focal point of your room with a great visual impact, especially if we choose a material suitable with the rest of the furniture.

On the market you can find standard models or, as we mentioned, there are also available aluminium and wood models.

Design and clean lines perfectly mixed with functionality especially width venetian blind with a single control system – simple and easy to use.

These models, thanks to the use of a simple chain, can move and orientate the blind slats. The possible movements are:

  • Orientate –  to choose the amount of light you want to let in. When completely closed they guarantee privacy as well as protecting from the sunlight;
  • Lift up –  to allow as much light as possible to come in;
  • They can also be stopped in any position during their run.

Thanks to this system you will be able to choose the right amount of light for you in any moment of the day.

A good window needs to also please the eye and Venetian blinds are a great choice if you want to add a touch of beauty as well less being able to darken your room.

Venetian blinds for inside double glazing

As well as classic Venetian blinds there’s also more modern models available on the market which is designed to offer durability over time, energy savings and darkening properties: these are double glazing Venetian blinds.

This models have the advantage of being sealed inside two glasses of the double glazing and this considerably improves their durability while also diminishing the amount of maintenance needed for them.

As well as shielding from sunlight, they are also very performing against noise and in terms of thermal insulation.

This type of blinds can be managed with different type of control systems:

  • Up&down battery: designed with a wireless magnetic actuator and an electronic control system external to the glass. This is available also with photovoltaic panel;
  • Suncen: electric, innovative and functional, your perfect solution if you need to move more than one blind at the same time;
  • All In One: with a control panel that can be  mounted directly on the glass and that allows you to move a single blind or group of blinds;
  • Sunround: easy to use as it regulate the luminosity  of a room by using a small knob controlling the slats;
  • Suncord: magnetic and manual, it allows you the lifting and orientation of the slats through the use of two magnets, one external and one internal to the glass.

All the above are innovative, functional and modern systems.

Why using darkening blinds?

Darkening blinds, as well as stopping  too much light coming in, will improve your physical wellness allowing you to sleep better but they will also provide another key advantage: they will help with the thermal insulation of your rooms.

This is because:

  • During the summer they will keep the room fresh limiting the amount of sun coming in;
  • During the winter, they will retain the room’s heat.

These elements will make sure that the temperature remains constant, which is another big advantage for anyone who might have difficulty sleeping.

Choose the most suitable darkening blinds for you, and gift to yourself hours of good sleep.



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