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Decorating your bedroom with Venetian blinds

The bedroom is a room where we spend less time in during the day, but it’s still a space where we pay a lot of attention to the choice of furniture and accessories.

Dedicated to relaxing and sleeping, it is a space that’s almost always full of accessories such as blankets, cushions and carpets, where curtains and blinds obviously play an essential role. 

As well as traditional curtains, made from more or less luxurious and expensive fabrics, you can always opt for more original solutions such as electric Venetian blinds, that unite style and practicality in a unique and innovative product.

Venetian blinds for bedrooms: wood and aluminum

If you decide to choose Venetian blinds for your bedroom, you need to carefully evaluate the materials they are made of, to ensure they are the best possible match for the rest of your furniture.

If your bedroom is furnished in a classic or rural style, or with a decor predominantly made of wood, then you should choose wooden Venetian blinds of 25 or 50 mm in a different colour; for example, white which is perfect for a shabby chic look, or darker shades.

Be careful not to make the room look too dark, though.

However, if your taste inclines to more modern and contemporary furniture, you should consider aluminium blinds, which come in various models, from very thin slats of 15mm, to those with 50mm slats.

Enjoy playing with colours, using sharp contrasts and creating symmetries.

Venetian blinds for your bedroom: the big colour question  

If you like lively and fun colourful spaces, but you’d prefer not to repaint your bedroom, Venetian blinds can be a great solution.

Unlike in the past, today it is possible to buy Venetian blinds with lots of different finishes, so that they can be used not just to keep out the light, but also as a design element.

If you are uncertain about what colour to choose, why not take some inspiration from nature, an endless source of ideas!

Don’t forget the psychology of colours, they can provoke emotions and reactions, help you relax or simply give personality to a room.

If you want your house to appear brighter, you could choose blinds in yellow or ivory tones. White is also recommended in this case. However, it can look a bit neutral at times and it may not be a good choice if you want your decor to have a strong sense of style.

Wood tones and warm colours like beige will make your bedroom welcoming and comfy, while blue and its shades will lend a feeling of tranquillity and freshness.

It’s preferable to have relaxing colours in a bedroom like different tones of blue, pink, green or lavender.

These are all tones that can help you to relax and favour sleep.

Electric Venetian blinds: practicality is one click away

Venetian blinds are the perfect choice for regulating the amount of light you want to enter your home, and they are also a great tool for protecting your privacy.

Electric Venetian blinds also allow you to regulate them without even getting up from the bed thanks to the convenient remote control.

With a simple click, thanks to the flexibility of the slats, you will be able to control the direction and intensity of light at different times of the day, and when they are fully closed you will have complete darkness and total privacy.

As well as being extremely functional, they offer maximum comfort and practicality as they are also extremely easy to clean and install. 

As you can see, Venetian blinds are a great accessory for your bedroom, as they offer elegance, style and character as well as protecting your family’s privacy. 

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