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Changing windows: choose blinds for inside double glazing

When you start feeling a draught, you hear your glass window vibrating, or you see condensation on your windows, you will probably think that it’s time to change your window fixtures.

These are just some of the reasons that can make you reach this conclusion, as you might just want to modernize your room and make it more elegant, while also improving the energy efficiency of the property.

Changing your windows is a choice that always scares people as figuring out the best options on the market can be difficult.

In this article, we will show you which signals should encourage you to change your windows and which models you should choose to guarantee you long-lasting window fixtures.

When to change your windows

As we mentioned, the reasons to change the window fixtures of your house can vary – it can be a purely aesthetic reason, or you might want to fix some small issues to avoid a long-term damages.

But how do you understand when is the right time to change your windows?

Here is a list of signals that should help you take a decision:

  • windows that don’t open or close very well: this is undoubtedly the first and most warring alarm bell for a house. If your windows have a locking problem, you definitely need to fix them or eventually change them, for your safety mainly but also for a health reasons (draughts) and even from an energy saving point of view;
  • draughts: as above, if you notice the presence of draughts coming when your windows are closed, it might be the right moment to change your windows;
  • condensation: seeing humidity or condensation on the glass or other parts of the windows is a clear sign of window fixtures poorly installed or too old;
  • old windows or wear and tear: time is an enemy of our windows, and after 15 years it might be time to reassess their conditions;
  • vibrating windows: hearing the  glass windows vibrating is a clear sign of window fixtures that are due to be replaced. As they get old, they lose their ability to keep everything safely sealed;
  • external noise: if noises from outside disturbs the tranquility of your home is probably because your windows don’t offer you enough acoustic insulation. Changing the windows with new models will resolve your problem;
  • furniture losing colour: if you notice that your furniture is losing colour it probably means that your glass windows are not equipped with UV filters, and without them, sunlight can damage your furniture. Chose to protect them by changing your windows.

Have you noticed one or more of these signs and don’t know which windows to chose to resolve your problem.

We advise you to look into blinds for inside double glazing.

Double Glazing Blinds: why chose them

All signs showing that might be the right time to change your windows can be fixed by choosing to buy new windows with blinds inside their double glazing.

The Venetian blind is sealed between the two glasses in a cavity between 20mm and 27mm, a width large enough to fit the blind.

This solution for double glazing allows you to have significant benefits in terms of acoustic isolation, resolving all the disadvantages caused by humidity, condensation, and draught.

The presence of the double glazing guarantees maximum protection privacy and security.

The maintenance and cleaning will have to be performed very rarely as the blinds are sealed from the inside, and this will protect them from possible damages caused by atmospheric agents as well as dust and dirt.

The internal blind can be managed manually, with a knob or rope system, or with an automated system with an electric motor which can be powered with small photovoltaic panels.

With regards to aesthetics factor and their durability in time, double glazing blinds give every environment an elegant and modern appearance throughout the years.

There are some models with innovative design and advanced technologies available on the Sunbell catalog and available for you to look at in the Crystal section:

  • systems with a rechargeable battery and a wireless magnetic actuator, suitable also for sliding windows;
  • systems capable of managing multiple blinds, thanks to a wall switch and remote control;
  • systems with an ultra-thin membrane to be applied directly on the glass;
  • systems with a manual knob to regulate the light of a room depending on your needs;
  • manual magnetic systems controlled with a rope that allows the lifting and tilting of the blinds utilising two magnets, one internal and one external to the glass.

As we saw, the windows with inside double glazing allow you to have elegance, durability over time, practicality, safety and energy savings in a unique solution.

The best choice for a modern and functional home.

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