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Why chose roll-ups for your bathroom

Choosing the right blinds for your bathroom windows could be a difficult decision to take when you are picking the furniture accessories for your home.

This is because the bathroom is an environment that experiences unique conditions compared to other rooms of the house, and for this, the blinds need to respond to these specific needs.

Vapour, bad smells and humidity can be tough enemies of curtains, and it’s preferable to go for solutions studied to contrast these factors.

If your curtains are not of very high quality, they could end up getting ruined forcing you to change them much sooner than what you expected.

Not giving much thought to this and don’t consider the different needs for this room can only mean one thing: repeat this expense many times!

Factors to take in consideration when choosing roll-ups blinds

Let’s take a look at some elements to take in consideration when choosing blinds or curtains for your bathroom.

  • Humidity: one of the most important factors to think about as choosing a blind that is not very resistant to moisture can lead to the creation of mold. This, as well as being harmful to your health can ruin them, and you will need to replace them.
  • Cleaning: bathroom tend to get quite dirty, and for this reason you should pick curtains or blinds that are easy to clean. This will allow you to fight germs and maintain a clean environment.
  • Privacy: a bathroom is a place where you will need privacy. The curtains or blinds you choose should guarantee you privateness when you need it.
  • Lighting: you don’t need a huge amount of light in this environment so you will only need a shielding system capable of softening the sunlight.
  • Dimension: often bathroom windows are of small sizes, in proportion with the space. For this reason, it’s essential to opt for a solution with little encumbrance.
  • Design: clearly you don’t want to forget about what’s aesthetically pleasing. You should choose blinds that are suitable to your style or the rest of your furniture.

Choosing roll-ups for the bathroom

For all these reasons, and after having evaluated all these factors, you will find that the best possible solution for a bathroom window are roll-ups!

Using curtains you need to be very careful with the fabric they are made of as they could get ruined with the vapors.

On the other hand, the majority of roll-ups are made with durable materials, resistant to humidity and capable of getting dry quickly.

And if they get very wet, after a long hot shower or bath, you will only have to leave unrolled to get them dry again.

This will contribute to their maintenance and avoid the formation of mold.

Roll-ups are easy to clean

Roll-ups are excellent for a bathroom also because they are very easy to clean. You unroll them, you rub them and dry them. Nothing else.

If they needed an extra clean, you can unmount them easily and wash them in bath full soapy tepid water.

You can also use antibacterial detergent, to eliminate all the bacteria and reach the level of hygiene you want in your bathroom.

As well as been practical when it comes to clean them, they are also excellent to provide you with the privacy you need.

Roll-ups guarantee your privacy

Roll-ups are made to adapt to the width of the windows and therefore when closed nobody can peek from one of their sides.

If you want to let more light enter the bathroom while also having privacy, you can choose to buy roll-ups made with a filtering material.

If instead you prefer to shield the morning light or you don’t want to get disturbed by any artificial lights during the night, you can then just keep your roll-ups fully closed.

Roll-ups come in a large variety of models

Roll-ups are available in a great variety of patterns and colours so that you pick exactly what perfectly fits your bathroom furniture.

You won’t have to sacrifice aesthetic for practicality and thanks to roll-ups blinds you can have both.

In commerce, you can also find solutions to personalize your blinds regarding dimensions and patterns.

Choosing these type of bathroom blinds will enable you to secure advantages that traditional curtains won’t be able to offer you.

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