how to clean aluminum windows

How to clean aluminum windows

With the passing of time the aluminum windows you chose for your house will be subjected to atmospheric agents, dust and even insects, as much as wooden windows.

To ensure their continued and correct functioning, and to help your home being clean, you should remember their regular maintenance and cleaning.

Many people are not sure on how to do it, when is the right moment to do it, what cleaning product to chose and, we often end up postponing this task.

If you have finally decided that is time to take care of it, let’s look at the best ways to clean your aluminum windows.

They need to be cleaned both internally and externally, to maintain their shininess and efficiency.

How to clean aluminum windows externally

To make the cleaning process more efficient, you should first pre-wash the window eliminating the dirt and superficial dust.

Use a simple bucket of water or ideally a hose.

After that, you will be able to move onto the more accurate cleaning phase:

  • purchase an aluminum cleaning product suitable for your windows and use it only on visible stains: don’t leave the product on for too long and always use gloves and protective tools;
  • after having removed the detergent, you can put together a simple mix to make your aluminum shine: brush with a sponge on the entire surface 120 ml of lemon and 50 gr of bicarbonate. Wait until it dries;
  • for the more difficult parts to reach, use a toothbrush;
  • wash it off carefully, trying not to leave any residue that could damage the windows.

After having cleaned the exterior of the windows, you can move on to the inside.

How to clean the inside of aluminum windows

Even this case is important to eliminate first the superficial layer of dust and dirt with a damp cloth without forgetting holes and narrowings.

Now go ahead and start with the cleaning:

  • use the same detergent you used for the outside, making sure that is suitable also for less aired environments, otherwise buy a different one. This time use a more abrasive sponge that will help you also remove grease stains and more stubborn dirt;
  • use the same anti-grease as before and leave in on the window for a bit;
  • wash again and dry it with a clean cloth.

Another distinction to make before cleaning your aluminum windows is about the possible different finishing.

  • powder coating: this window frames are more modern and need to be cleaned more delicately;
  • no varnish: usually these are older models of windows – 15 or 20 years, and they need a stronger cleaning.

How to clean your aluminum windows with powder coating

If you have aluminum windows with powder coating, the cleaning process will be much more straightforward than what you can think.

This technique adds to the windows anti-corrosive materials, guaranteeing more protections and long lasting durability.

The advice is to clean your aluminum windows with powder coating at least every three months to make them always look as new.

Let’s see how to wash them and take care of them:

  • always wash them with vertical movement, avoiding the dirt to reach already cleaned areas of the windows;
  • use hot water, soap, and a soft cloth – old microfiber clothing are a perfect option for you;
  • do not use aggressive or abrasive detergents; they could damage the finishing and put at risk your guarantee;
  • do not use any grease, just shine energetically without any product;
  • try to reach every part of the windows when are closed as the accumulation of debris could create problems with them;
  • after having washed all the elements of the windows, dry them carefully.

How to clean aluminum windows without powder coating

If your aluminum windows are a bit older, they might not have been treated with varnish. In this case, they could present signs of wear and might need more attention when cleaning them.

As you clean them, take the opportunity to check whether there are leaks, smalls holes or other damages.

Let’s take a look at how to clean aluminum windows without powder coating:

  • always use hot water and soap: it’s the best method to remove superficial dirt. There are also special detergents for aluminum, but you need to check the label to ensure that they are suitable for the windows and maybe do a little test on a hidden part;
  • dry the aluminum thoroughly with a cloth;
  • check for wear and tear.

If you come across irreparable damages than we suggest to think about a solution to replace your windows with powder coating and internal blinds for double glazing.

In this case, you will be able to have more advantages:

  • cleaning and maintenance easier to do;
  • energy savings;
  • a new look for your house.

Considering the cleaning needed for aluminum windows without a coating and the washing of traditional blinds, this could be the best choice for efficiency, suitability, and practicality.

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