Autumn restyling what blinds to choose

Autumn restyling: what blinds to choose

Autumn has arrived with its charming seasonal colors, and, as the leaves on the trees change colors, often our own homes need a restyling too.

Are you are a fan of Autumn colors and want to bring them inside your home using dome furniture accessories?

In this article, we will look at how to immerse fully in the season and be inspired when choosing some blinds and fashionable colors for each room.

During summer, sunlight is stronger and tend to make rooms hotter than usual. For this, when picking blinds for this specific season, the choice often goes towards more shielding models.

However, during colder seasons people usually prefer to opt for less shielding models that can allow more sunlight inside a room.

So what are the best colors the enhance the coming Autumn season?

Autumn blinds for the living room

The living room is the most lived-in part of the house: in the living room, it’s where we welcome guest, where the family gathers and where we spend our free time relaxing.

This is why this room needs to be welcoming at every time of the year but especially in the Autumn when the days are colder and when we spend more time indoors.

Instead of shielding solutions, more suitable to fight the warm summer weather, let’s consider lighter materials and of lighter color, to allow the sun in to warm the environment.

The type of blind, the fabrics, and the colors to take into consideration depending on many factors such as your budget, your needs and the structure of the house.

When it comes to models suitable for the living room, there are many good options but they also depend on the style of the decor.

If your idea is to be inspired by the Autumn and decorate your house with a classic style, beyond your conventional curtains – you can always choose beautiful wooden Venetian blinds.

Their warmth and comfort will give to your rooms a welcoming and familiar feeling inspired by Autumn’s charm similar to the relaxing feeling you’d get having a beautiful walk in mountain woods.

For a modern style, your choice could go for panel blinds or a more innovative technological solution like blinds for inside double glazing.

The cost of this last option is indeed higher than others but the refined visual impact and their many advantages make this furniture accessory perfect for modern and functional homes.

Autumn Blinds for the bedroom

The bedroom is the room where we want to relax and sleep well without having been bothered by lights and noises.

In this space, Venetian blinds, in wood for a classic style, or in aluminum for a modern approach, can be the right choice.

You could also decide to go for panel blinds or roll-ups capable of uniting elegance and efficiency.

As we mentioned for the living room, the best possible solution are still blinds for inside double glazing.

They are ideal for the bedroom because as well as the opportunity to regulate the blind slats – and with that the sunlight coming in – they also offer stronger soundproofing.

On top of that, thanks to their automated control system, you will be able to regulate them without getting out of bed with their remote control.

When it comes to colors, they will have to be warm and relaxing.

Autumn blinds for kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are the rooms where blinds get dirtier or can accumulate unpleasant odors. Blinds in these rooms should be functional and ideally follow the change of seasons.

In Autumn, days begin to be shorter, and the strength of the sunlight weakens, for this reason, is useful to have blinds capable of filtering as much light as possible on the kitchen working surface and the bathroom mirrors.

If you use curtains, they will need more maintenance, and they will have to be often washed.

In these cases, it would be better for wooden Venetian blinds, aluminum or double glazing.

Amongst these three categories, the last one is the one that needs less maintenance as the Venetian blind is sealed inside the double glazing and is protected by dust, stains and bad smells.

Autumn tones on which to focus are usually the warmer ones or beige for example. However, in modern rooms you could also try for something more lively.

In conclusion, if you want to decorate your home using blinds and be inspired by the Autumn, you will only need take into account these simple suggestions to manage in the best way light intensity and color matching.



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