blinds for sliding windows

Sliding Windows? The best blinds to choose

Sliding windows are certainly the right choice for anyone who has a problem of space or lives in a house with smaller rooms as they take a minimal amount of space.

They are also ideal for giving an ample amount of light considering that their surface is almost entirely covered by glass.

However, when choosing sliding windows, you don’t necessarily need to give up your privacy or on protecting your home from sunlight or cold drafts.

You will only need to choose the right blinds that can guarantee you intimacy, energy savings and allow the right amount of sunlight inside your home.

There are different models of blinds for sliding windows, and they can certainly be a furnishing accessory that refines and gives personality to the decor of your home.

Before going ahead with the purchase, there are a few elements to take in consideration like the dimensions of the window and the different model of blind.

Blinds for sliding windows: measurements and colors

When you decide to buy the right blinds for your sliding windows, make sure you take the correct measurements.

There are standard windows for which you can find great solutions on the market that can certainly satisfy your needs.

However, if your house is fitted with sliding windows of custom design and dimensions, you need to opt for bespoke, made-to-measure blinds.

Take the length and width of the glass and if you are thinking of choosing a blind for inside double glazing, or if you are thinking about a model that will cover only that portion of the surface.

On the other hand, if your thinking of buying roll-ups blinds, panel or roman blinds, don’t forget to calculate the distance between floor and ceiling, the width of the windowsill and potential blindbox.

After having measured your sliding windows, you should focus on the very important choice of colors as this will affect the style of the space and the intensity of the light coming through.

When it comes to the living areas, rooms like the kitchen or the living room are more suitable for neutral colors like white, grey and beige to allow more sunlight to come in and avoid any darkening effect.

For the night areas, like bedrooms, bathrooms and the study where more privacy and softer lights are usually required, you can opt for blinds in darker colors.

In any case, it’s always advisable to install double glazing blinds in bathrooms and kitchens to avoid dirt and smells penetrating the blinds fabrics.

Yes, you should purchase the most suitable for each room depending on your style, needs, and functionality of different rooms.

Let’s take a look at different models of blinds for sliding windows.

Blinds for sliding windows: what model to choose

Nowadays, there is a large choice of blinds on the market, and it’s important not to get confused with so many options available.

Every model can have the right characteristics to answer to your needs, but it’s crucial to choose them carefully starting from the style of decor and the assembly system.

– for a classic style, for example, it should opt for roman blinds or traditional curtains;
– for a modern style, you should consider roll-ups, panel blinds or blinds for inside double glazing.

The assembly system is also very important as considering the existing room you will be able to install curtain rods and rail systems, or even solution more technologically advanced.

There are other, more economical solutions you can go for but these won’t probably guarantee you a long-term solution.

Let’s take a look in the specific the different characteristics of blinds suitable for sliding windows.

Roman Blinds

This type of blinds is usually not very suitable for conventional windows as you will need to keep your blind either fully open or fully closed.

It’s instead a solution to be taken into consideration if you have sliding windows and if your house has a classic or ‘shabby chic’ style.

Roman blinds allow you to follow the inclination of the sunlight with a bottom to top movement.

They can be installed on the ceiling, on the glass or on the wall but you should always consider that installing and reinstalling them can be a bit difficult when it comes to cleaning them.


Roll-ups blinds have the same problem of roman blinds when it comes to standard windows, and that’s why they very suitable for sliding windows.

The thing that’s sometimes can discourage their purchase is the weight of this type of blinds.

However, there is nothing to worry about as you can choose to install several different elements allowing to play with different lengths and colors.

On the market, there are also models of roll-ups with an electrical movement.

Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are a good option for sliding windows as the can follow the opening and closing movement creating continuity with the glass.

Ideal for utility rooms and laundries they can be personalized in different colors and patterns making them very practical for small and minimal environments.

By choosing a light color, you will have the possibility to create a bright atmosphere, comforting even when completely closed.

Double Glazing Blinds

This is the perfect option for your sliding windows: blinds for inside double glazing.

A technology developed for inserting and sealing the blind inside the double glazing of the window.

Surely, amongst the different options, it’s the most expensive one, but it’s also the most practical, elegant and functional thanks to its characteristics:

design: they make any space elegant and refined thanks to their style and their perfect details;
energy savings: by orienting the Venetian slats you can manage in the best way the solar light coming in;
maintenance: by being sealed inside with double glazing they need little or no maintenance as they don’t gather dust, allergenic or dirt;
functionality: they can be installed with a manual system – a knob or a rod, or even with an automated system with an electric system powered up by conventional or renewable energy thanks to small photovoltaic systems.

Compared to all the other models they also have a longer lifespan, allowing you to spread the higher installation costs on a much more extended period of time.

Choose the best blinds for your sliding windows by joining aesthetics, practicality, and functionality.



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