Living room blinds

Living room blinds: which one to choose

The living room is one of the rooms in the house where we spent the most time in. It’s the place where the family gathers, where we watch the TV, where we relax, or we receive guests.

In this context, your blinds need to be a furnishing accessory that adds personality to the room, and that is suitable for your decor, without forgetting essential characteristics like practicality and functionality.

When the right blinds are chosen, they can pleasantly transform your living room adding a touch of style to your decor.

They are the perfect element to complete the design of a room, and they always need to be chosen after having decided the color of walls, the overall style of the room and other accessories.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all blinds are the same!

Every room needs to be enhanced with the right furniture accessories, and blinds have a fundamental role: a bathroom or a kitchen doesn’t have the same needs as a living or a bedroom.

For this reason, some elements need to be taken into account when choosing blinds for your living room.

Living room blinds: how to choose

Before choosing the right blinds for you and proceed with a purchase, there are some things that you should take into consideration to pick the most suitable blind for the room:

  • window measurements;
    dimensions of the window;

How big are your windows

The measurements of your window are essential to establish the length and the width of your new blinds, and, as a result, find out their cost.

In addition to that, knowing the exact dimension is crucial when buying blinds for windows of unusual size as you will have to choose made-to-measure blinds.

In this situation, the price of the blind can go up, but your space would benefit significantly in terms of elegance and originality.

How big is the room

The size of your living room will affect the crucial choices of color, fabric and possible model. If the room is small, it will be better to go for light-colored, simple blinds that will offer brightness.

It would be advisable to go for a model of blinds with low encumbrance, which are also suitable to furnish a kitchen.

In a larger space, you will be able to try more lively colors and elegant patterns and opt for models that can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling like roll-ups.

With these simple guidelines, you will be able to create a more welcoming living room, aesthetically more pleasing.

Functionality and Privacy

When selecting living room blinds to buy, you need to also take into account their functionality. Their design needs to enhance the style of the room but without affecting the practicality and their day-to-day use.

Your target should be to finish your living room with a touch of style but also to respond to the needs of the space where the blinds are going to be used.

Take into consideration the intensity of light required, the level of privacy needed and the model capable of guaranteeing energy savings, avoiding the dispersion of heat in the winter and cooling in the summer.

The last step is now to take a look at the different models of blinds available to buy on the market.

Living room blinds: which models to choose

After having looked at your necessities and the dimensions of the window and space, it is now the time to choose models looking at the style of your living room.

Making a mistake now is very easy, and the balance between a good choice and a bad one can be very subtle.

Here is some advice to furnish with sophistication a classic living room and a modern one:

  • living room blinds for a classic style: in these cases very often the choice goes towards traditional curtains with tiebacks and wooden rail; however to add a touch of style and refinement you could choose some elegant wooden Venetian blinds;
    blinds for a modern living room: we are spoiled for choice here as there is plenty of options between blinds – for the living room as well as the bedroom, from roll-ups and panel curtains till the more innovative Venetian blinds for double glazing.

To conclude, for your living room blinds try to choose a model to respond to your needs in term of aesthetics – your style and the style of your home, and of course can be functional and practical to your needs.

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