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What blinds to use with an arte povera-style interior design

Arte povera inspired design can provide a classic atmosphere to any room, characterized by wood elements, simple lines and a rustic feeling.

In the leaving room, for example, with a lit fireplace, scented candles and the right furniture accessories, this style will result in something elegant and familiar at the same time.

For this reason, choosing the right blinds for your home is essential to retain this harmony between furniture style and personality.

In rooms furnished with arte povera-style decor, blinds need to show an elegant and timeless feel.

First of all, you need to remember that blinds are not just a decorative accessory, but an actual furniture element capable to completely transform a room.

In addition to that, blinds also need to protect your house from the sunlight and safeguard your privacy.

Have you chosen an arte povera inspired design to make your house nice and cozy and now you’re not sure what blinds to match it up with?

No problem, you can create beautiful looks thanks to our suggestions and purchase blinds perfect for this traditional and timeless style.

Arte povera: wooden Venetian blinds

If you like the elegance that arte povera style can offer, you should look into specific materials and unique details for your blinds.

For this reason, your choice should go for wooden Venetian blinds, with their extraordinary beauty and their reliability.

They are usually built with a manual orientation system but, to keep up with the latest technological trends, you can now find Venetian blinds with automated systems as well.

They are furniture accessories with great versatility and are capable of furnishing any environment in your house with different colour tones such as natural wood and painted matt.

Wooden Venetian blinds: colours

You need to know that contrast is sometimes the best secret to create a space with great impact.

With arte povera style decor, the juxtaposition of different tones will make your rooms very warm and welcoming.

To get a successful result (and without going overboard), you need to position two or more different but harmonic elements one next to the other.

With wooden Venetian blinds, this nice effect will be a guarantee, especially if you choose a rich, deep wood and you install it in an environment where the other furnishing accessories are more neutral.

The contrast will be captivating and elegant.

White or pastel wooden Venetian blinds are perfect in a room with more colours.

If you like wallpaper, bright colours or you have opted for colours such as dark blue, you should consider blinds made of light or pastel colours.

Wooden Venetian blinds: mixing fabrics

One of the advantages of wooden blinds is that, if you want, you can only partially cover your window, leaving some room on the top part and the sides.

This will enable you to personalize your room, inserting fabric curtains installed with a pole high on the wall and tied up in that in such a way that it creates nice drapings.

You can create a layering effect, very functional when it comes to thermal and acoustic isolation as well as guaranteeing more privacy.

This approach is great if you want to mix different elements to have a fascinating but also welcoming style.

With and arte povera style decor, as well as blinds, you can also juxtaposed other elements of the room such as carpets and cushions.

Every single one of these elements will help to create a unique and personalized space.

Arte povera: timeless style

This simple and classic design is a perfect rustic choice for every room of your house.

This classic style will give every room a powerful visual impact that will resist fashions and tendencies and will keep well over time.

Arte povera is characterised by simple and essential elements. These elements are also practical, functional and possess a timeless charm.

This style needs to focus on long-lasting, high-quality pieces that can also respect the environment.

Wooden Venetian blinds are the perfect choice if you want to furnish your room with an arte povera style.

This simple and long lasting style will be a successful investment from an aesthetic point of view and also when it comes to energy savings.

If you like arte povera style, wooden Venetian blinds are the perfect choice for you!

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