How to thermally insulate the windows of your house

How to thermally insulate the windows of your house

When the temperature goes up in the Summer and diminishes in the Winter, a low thermal insulation of your house can have negative economic consequences as well as a bad impact on your physical wellbeing.

Heat and chill can enter your house in many ways but before checking your roof and your flooring, think about the most likely point of access for them: your windows.

Extreme Summer or Winter temperatures can penetrate your house through old window fixtures as well as more recent and good-quality ones that haven’t received the necessary maintenance.

Making sure that your windows are correctly insulated is a simple and economical way to get back benefits in terms of comfort and energy savings.

Why insulate your windows

Let’s just start saying that with proper thermal insulation every single window of your house – newer, older and of any quality – can increase the benefits offered by your home.

It won’t be possible to transform a very old or damaged window into a high-performance one but, in the worst cases, you will be able to fight more appropriately extreme temperatures while waiting for the best opportunity to change your windows.

New generation windows might not need any additional treatment, but you could still enhance their performance with the installation of blinds internal to the double glazing.

When to insulate your windows

Ideally, the best moment to insulate your windows is before the arrival of extreme temperatures – very high or very low.

However, as it might be difficult to evaluate the real insulation capability of your window fixtures when the inside and outside temperature are similar, you might want to wait until you experience a higher, more obvious contrast.

By doing this, you will able to asses better the temperature present in your home with the one present outside and, based on that observation, you will be able to figure out the best course of action.

Methods to insulate your windows

The majority of methods to insulate your windows are not very expensive, and you can also find many DIY solutions.

Here is a list that might be very useful to establish the most suitable solution to your needs.


This is a way to fill the gaps and reduce drafts, a technique used in old times to waterproof the hull of wooden boats.

When you see small cracks in the window or around the window frame, you can use glazing patty capable of sealing them.

Caulking can also be done using silicon with metal windows or using acrylic latex for wooden ones.

Remember, this is a feasible method only for tiny cracks!

Polyurethane foam

This type of foam can be used for bigger cracks around the window frame, and it can reach areas very difficult to get to.

You need to make sure to have enough working space because polyurethane foam can be difficult to handle and could expand beyond the area that needs fixing.

This is not a difficult solution, but you need a certain precision and patience while doing it, therefore think carefully if you have the necessary skills and inclination before purchasing this material.

Insulation seals

Another solution to insulate windows and deal with cold drafts is to insert in the window fixture, adhesive rubber sealing or even foam rubber.

They are undoubtedly cheap solutions, but you will need to change them regularly as they will subject more to wear and tear.

You should really think about whether this approach might be the right choice or if, in the long term, might end up costing you more in terms of money and work.

They can be used in the short term while waiting for a more permanent solution that can allow you a stronger guarantee in terms of insulation and energy savings.

However, all considered, the ideal choice to guarantee the perfect thermoregulation to your house is undoubtedly double glazing windows with blinds fitted inside them.

Why choose blinds for inside double glazing

Blinds for inside double glazing are an innovative solution, created to offer maximum comfort thanks to their ability to secure the biggest thermal and noise insulation.

The blinds are sealed inside the double glazing installed in the window frame and they can be regulated both manually or automatically.

Changing the old window fixtures with double glazing fitted with blinds might look to you like a costly choice. However, if you look carefully into it, you will see how they guarantee you massive energy savings and long-lasting durability.

Moreover, this type of window fixtures will allow you maximum peace of mind both in terms of privacy and safety from possible external intrusions.

The resources spent in installing this innovative system will be a significant investment for your wellbeing, it will improve the comfort of your home and will result in big energy savings.

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