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What window treatments to combine with total-white interior design

When choosing the best window treatment to value the rooms of your house, colors and materials are fundamental elements to take into account.

If your furniture is mainly white colored, the curtains or blinds that you choose as accessories can genuinely transform the feeling of the rooms.

You could use them as the focal point of the space, creating strong and sharp contrasts or otherwise pair them with the surroundings by using pastel or more neutral tones.

Here a few suggestions to choose the ideal colors for your blinds.

Choose simplicity

The first thing that comes to mind is that “white on white” can make your room too monochromatic and bland.

However, if you think about it, opting for light color blinds in a room with mainly white furniture could be a good choice if you are trying to achieve a “less is more” kind of style.

The winning choice, in this case, is going for light weave type of fabrics like the ones used in roll-ups which will enable you to filter the light and furnish with elegance even modern spaces.

Another alternative is to choose Venetian blinds for inside the double glazing that will guarantee you privacy and great freedom when regulating the light.

Choose the right tone of white

Consider all the various shades of white and choose a window treatment with that color. White comes in many different tonalities:

  • Ivory white;
  • Antique white;
  • Titanium white;
  • Zinc white;
  • Ghost white;
  • Floral white;
  • Smoke white;
  • Navajo white;
  • Cosmic Latte

These whites are visually quite similar but any small change of tone can make a significant difference.

Different shades of white are suitable for different environments and can create both modern or elegant atmospheres.

Match white and gray

By matching grey blinds or curtains with white furniture, you can design a perfect combination that will create a neutral and versatile light base that goes very well with different styles.

Grey blinds and white furniture will make your room elegant and refined and thanks to its versatility, will give a touch of Scandinavian style to the overall atmosphere.

This simple approach, it is very easy to update and by simply adding inexpensive colored accessories you can redesign the feeling of the room even with a limited budget.

Choose a black and white contrast

One of the most popular trends at the moment is matching dark-colored blinds or curtains with completely white furniture.

Dark blinds offer a great visual contrast, creating a focal point for the room.

The more neutral the color of the furniture is, the more impact dark blinds or curtains will have, creating a timeless and versatile black and white background.

If you’re worried that black might be too dark, you can opt for deep blue or carbon tones.

To design an aesthetically pleasing effect but also create a welcoming atmosphere during the winter, try heavier insulating curtains, and light fabrics such as linen and cotton for fresher feeling during the summer.

Have fun with lively colors and patterns

If you want to inject life and positivity in a room with white furniture, the winning solution is to give a touch of color to your curtains or blinds.

You don’t need to choose strong tones, you will only need to add fun notes of color, using warm or cold color palette depending by your taste and personality.

If you are looking for inspiration take a look at the latest trends and at 2019 color of the year chosen by Pantone: ‘Living Coral’.

A lively tone will be a great starting point to introduce positive colors in a completely white room.

If you are feeling adventurous, a window decorated with a joyful pattern can add an unexpected element to some total white furniture.


If you like a total white design you have a large number of options when it comes to curtains or blinds that will value your room.

As well as your choice of color, don’t forget to consider also the materials and the different models available on the market as roll-ups, Venetian blind or blind internal to the double glazing can offer you many more advantages compared to conventional curtains.

Make sure to choose beauty as well as functionality and practicality!

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