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How to choose the color of your windows

If you are buying a new home or if you are redecorating, then you are probably facing an infinite number of decisions at the moment.

One of these decisions is the choice of windows that need to reflect your personality as well as reflects and enhance the style of your home.

Establishing which one is the most suitable window for your needs can be a fun and rewarding task, but sometimes, when you think you have found the perfect solution for you in terms of dimensions, model and style, you then realise that you still need to take another critical decision: the color of your window.

At this point, you could feel overwhelmed as you thought you’d reached the end of the decision-making process whereas now you are facing even more questions! Choose something neutral or try something more adventurous? How coordinate the color of the window frame with the furniture of your home?

Here is some advice to help you in selecting the most suitable color for your needs.

Use color as a tool to improve your space

If you don’t want to change your windows but only give freshen up a bit the space, then the best solution is to mask old and not very nice window fixtures by painting their frame.

The general advice, in this case, is to paint them in white or with a tone that will allow them to blend with the wall and the furniture around.

If your idea is to buy new windows, then you could try to opt for a color that can make them stand out, especially if your house has a very distinctive architectural style.

Match the color of your windows with your furniture

With a traditional style, the initial idea is always to use window fixtures with natural wood colors. However the risking here is to put together something a bit monotonous and ordinary.

Try to consider finishing colors that can contrast with the tone of your furniture. This will make them stand out even more and create a visual impact very warm and comforting.

You could use a cinnamon tone with neutral colors like grey, or you can use bleached ash, grey oak or moka with dark wood furniture.

With a modern and contemporary design, however, is usually adviced to use colors that don’t create too much unbalanced and you could try to use colors for windows more similar with the surrounding elements.

You can also try to match silver and gray tones with white color furniture for a clean and contemporary look.

Use wisely strong colors and new tones considered “neutral”

It’s important to consider that is relatively easy and convenient to paint window fixtures compared to buy new ones as buying them means facing a relatively significant investment.

Obviously, the advantages of going for something new are numerous as you can choose models that can guarantee you style, energy savings, and innovation.  You would also have the opportunity to buy double glazing window with blinds already fitted inside them.

That’s why, generally, it’s advisable to choose neutral tones more than strong colors, so you don’t find yourself in a situation where, after a change of your mind, you have to replace all your windows again.

If you like big contrast and strong tones, then it’s probably better to have fun and experiment with some paint.

Another option is to, at the design stage, select an adventurous color for your windows and then match it with neutral color furniture.

Tones like beige and bronze are considered neutral colors to be matched with cold colors to create comforting and relaxing spaces.

Grey is experiencing a come-back at the moment especially as neutral color matching black and deep blue tones.

Think about the weather and the environment where you live

If you live in “dusty” area that will bring lots of dirt on your windows – like near a motorway or industrial area, for example, you should consider that gray, white and other light colors would become dirty more quickly.

On the other hand, when living in a hot and very sunny area, light colors are advisable for windows as they don’t absorb too much heat and the color don’t tend to fade as quickly as darker tones.

Choose a specific color palette

Feeling overwhelmed by the large number of colors available is perfectly normal. However, the best way to pick the right combination for your walls, furniture and window fixture is to limit the choice within specific color tones such as “warm” and “cold”.

A warm palette includes red tones, orange, yellow, brown to be matched with other colors such as cinnamon, cream, chocolate, and beige.

A cold palette, on the other hand, includes green, blue, gray and violet and a coordinated window frame could be gray, gravel or blue.

Warm palettes are advised for more traditional colors whereas cold ones are more suitable better for a modern and contemporary design.

Remember that, generally, white or black window fixtures don’t work well with all styles and designs.

We hope that these suggestions can be useful and give you a good basis to choose the best possible color for your windows.

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