Alla scoperta dei trend 2019 per le tende di casa

Discover new 2019 trends for window blinds

Blinds and other window treatments are elements of interior design to carefully take in consideration when you want to create an intimate and comfy atmosphere in any room of your house.

As well as guaranteeing your privacy and protection for sunlight, the aesthetic aspect of blinds plays a crucial role in the development and planning interior design.

When thinking about our homes – the place where we greet our guests and where we spend so much time with our families – it’s essential to focus on the comfort of provided to space by every single furniture element both from an aesthetic and practical point of view.

In this article, we will talk about this year’s design trends for blinds, the models, the colors, the fabrics, and the latest innovations.

Some of these trends will always be ‘fashionable’, whereas others can actually revolutionize your choice of blinds if you want to follow the latest trends.

2019 window blinds trends: the color of the year  

The 2019 color of the year chosen by Pantone is ‘Living Coral’ – reassuring, lively and optimistic.

A clear reference of coral reefs that appeals to our eyes and minds, infusing relaxing and familiar feelings when we see it.

This is the explanation of the Pantone Color Institute for their choice:

“With consumers craving human interaction and social connection, the humanizing and heartening qualities displayed by the convivial Pantone Living Coral hit a responsive chord.”

Living Coral

This tone already seduces you, and you don’t know how to use it within your house?

You should try to play with the various furniture accessories, mixing the different colors with the blinds creating harmonic and elegant tones.

You could use Living Colour as a focal point of the room – a spot that could capture your attention straight away, creating a color palette discrete and sophisticated like this one:

palette di colori sobri e sofisticati

Or maybe try other shades that can make a space more welcoming and lively with warm and delicate colors like these:

palette di colori caldi e delicati

Let’s not forget that, as well as the color chosen by Pantone, the latest tendencies for 2019 show how green tones are still very fashionable.

Also trending this year are elegant and versatile shades of beige, brown, sand and the always favorite white.

Chose a blind in one of these colors and you won’t go wrong!

2019 trends: Fabrics

As for the colors, fabrics will also show some new trends in 2019 together with the usual great classics.

Spanning from lighter and thicker variety till extremely modern new materials, among the most popular trends of 2019 we can find some elegant solutions for any type of interior decor such as mixed patterns – which are a mix of different prints and textures, and that are capable of adapting themselves to both a modern and vintage style.

Another classic come back this year is cotton, which represents a guarantee in the sector as it’s such a natural and versatile fabric.

Amongst the news of this year, we also find innovative materials for roll-ups blinds such as:

  • – Blackout fabric: available in spread PVC or PVC on one side and fabric on the other.
  • – Screen type fabrics: they guarantee diffuse luminosity and good privacy but they don’t provide complete darkness.
  • – Recycled PVC: a material perfect for people keen to reduce their environmental impact

With regards to Venetian blinds, the most requested materials will be aluminum, extrusion aluminum and wood.

Trend 2019: the models

As you can deduce by the materials we already talked about, the most significant new trends in 2019 for window blinds will be:

  1. Roll-ups blinds
  2. Venetian blinds external or internal to the double glazing

Two solutions with a classic design, loved by customers for their homes but that nowadays is also chosen to enhance offices and commercial venues.

Roll-ups are essential for whoever is looking for quality, practicality and elegant visual impact and wants to create a modern and innovative space.

They can be chosen with manual or electric systems with a vast range of fabrics and colors that can be adapted to any room and style.

Following this trend will allow you to refresh the design of your house and it will also provide you protection from heat and UV rays, regulate luminosity and respect of your privacy and reduction of thermal dispersion.

Let’s find out other big tendencies for 2019: Venetian blinds

They are the best solution for anyone who likes the practicality and functionality of a classic product revised in a modern way.

The traditional Venetian blind allows the regulation of the luminosity of an environment with precision and simplicity.

However, if you want to reach the best possible living comfort, you will need to choose Venetian blinds for inside double glazing.

This model doesn’t have rivals on the market, it’s highly innovative and offers excellent quality and durability over time.

It presents all the advantages of conventional blinds mixed with modern technologies that enables its movements, guaranteeing different levels of solar shielding and high standards of well-being.

As we saw, 2019 trends for window blinds offer many interesting ideas and suggestions to rethink the interior design of your house and always be up to date with the latest tendencies.



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