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Modular Offices? Choose Roll-ups Blinds

Choosing blinds with right characteristics to furnish your office is one of the key factors to guarantee the proper diffusion of light in your environment and good comfort while working.

Planning and designing a working environment focusing on the employees’ comfort is, in fact, an essential element to increase productivity and performance.

The right blinds can help you with this as they protect you from sunlight, support thermal balance and improve the visual experience of the space, primarily when the working activities are centered around working at computer stations.

As well as helping you design the ideal lighting for your taste, office blinds can also be used to divide your office into different working areas, which will also offer more privacy, thanks to their ability to fit in any architectural and furniture style.

Using modular walls in an open-plan office can give a touch of elegance while creating meeting rooms and functional spaces.

Clearly, one of the options to take in consideration, it is to choose roll-ups blinds for suitable for offices that will provide an overall ‘minimal’ but sophisticated style.

Roll-ups for your Office

Modular design is an option that offers many chances to personalize and adapt your space to your needs at work.

In modular offices, to achieve the best possible efficiency and control over environmental elements such as noise, lighting, privacy, air quality, thermal comfort, it is essential to take in consideration a few factors:

  • different modules integration;
  • assembly method;
  • materials used;
  • organization of the furniture.

With regards to this last point, the choice of roll-ups blinds is the ideal solution to create the perfect balance between technology, style, and functionality.

Utilizing this kind of blinds in modular offices will generate a perfect fusion between innovation and design, thanks to their versatility and the fact that they can answer to any of your design needs.

When installed on the glasses between the different modules can roll-ups can guarantee:

  • protection from heat and UV rays;
  • regulation of lighting;
  • complete darkening and privacy;
  • reduction of thermal dispersion.

On the market, it is possible to find different models made of different materials and colors capable of solving any of your needs.

Roll-ups: materials suitable for modular offices

Roll-ups mechanism works with a wind-up system based on their measurements (standard or personalized) and a top guide place on the wall or the ceiling.

The closing and opening mechanism can be both manual or automatic and this doesn’t affect the performance of the blind.

Of course, the automatic option is the solution easier to use but it might affect your budget as it’s also more expensive.

Usually, the fabrics used for this particular blinds are polyester, darkening PVC, or shielding fabrics like perforated PVC.

These days companies can also produce roll-ups with innovative, practical and functional type of fabrics.

  • Blackout: these are fabrics that protect from the outside lights and the heat, thanks to their insulation abilities. They are available in two different kinds: coated PVC or models with PVC on side and fabric on the other side of the blind.
  • Screen: they are amongst the most popular materials. They are available in different patterns, colors, and gradations. They offer diffuse lighting or more intense cover, although they don’t give complete darkness. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • Recycled PVC: a fabric made of recyclable material. A ‘green choice’ designed to reduce environmental impact but also resistant and durable in time.
  • Cotton: a guarantee in the sector as natural, versatile and suitable for any environment.

These different materials have properties capable of solving any problem you might have during the furnishing of a modular office.

Colors also play an essential role as they can affect the lighting and the darkening of the environment.

For an office, it’s always better to opt for light colors that offer a sense of cleanliness, lightness and relax.

On top of that, it’s worth remembering that – aside for the needs of each employee –  that the environment designed can’t be an obstacle for the exchange of communication but it needs to provide privacy but also facilitate cooperation at the same time.

Roll-ups are perfect for this purpose, offering the ideal solution to find the right balance between privacy and teamwork.

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