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How to decorate your windows for Christmas

Christmas is the most magical moment of the year, and if you like to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere, the best way is to start decorating your house.

As every year, you have probably already thought about how to make your home warmer and welcoming, trying to find new inspirations.

You may already have plans on how to decorate your Christmas tree, your entrance, the fireplace and the dinner table where to gather all your guests.

However, you probably haven’t thought about the decorations for your windows, or you haven’t looked into special Christmas curtains or blinds.

Decorating the windows of your house will certainly add something special to your Christmas celebrations.

Now let’s take a look at a few ideas to decorate your windows during the festivities.

Decorate your windows with special festive products

The easiest choice is probably to buy special curtains or blinds and temporarily change them for the ones in your house.

You will be able to find them in the shops during Christmas time or even online throughout the year.

There are many different models, colors and materials, but in this case, you will have to think about the style of the furniture and the type of Christmas decorations used.

Remember not to change all the curtains or blinds of your house but instead just pick only a few rooms to decorate with a Christmas theme and also choose the most suitable models.

If your space is not too big, go for simple models with nice prints not to make it too “busy” or maybe opt for roll-ups which have low encumbrance.

Decorate windows for Christmas: pick the right accessories

If you’d rather not buy a new, themed, curtain or blind, you should then opt for some decorative accessories.

You can have fun choosing the ones that best match the other decorations of your room and maybe tie one up to the blind’s rod.

You could add things like garlands, pines or sugar sticks that everyone in the house will certainly love.

Another fun idea is to apply to your blinds and curtains small red ribbons with some adhesive velcro.

Make sure you have the right amount of decorations for each curtain to achieve a nice balance and not make something too “over the top”.

Replace your ordinary curtains with Christmas curtain lights

An idea that will undoubtedly bring the atmosphere of festivities in your house is to add a shower of lights to the windows of your home.

Replace your traditional curtains with Christmas curtain lights and they will help you to make your home warm and cozy while also create an effect that will be visible from the outside as well.

You will able to find this kind of Christmas lights on the market. They are available on different lengths, measurements, and light intensity to quickly choose the most appropriate for your windows.

You will then be able to create drapes to wrap them on a side as ordinary fabric curtains, and you will also be able to decorate them with pines, small tree branches, and holly.

Your home will have the atmosphere you were looking for and will be beautiful from both the inside and outside your home.

DIY: create original handmade Christmas decorations

The last suggestion is undoubtedly the most suitable for the creative types: handmade Christmas decorations for your windows and your glass windows.

You will need the right materials, and you will have to give plenty of room to your creativity: fabrics, drawing on windows, transfers, gift boxes and any other things that might inspire you.

An idea could be to apply many Christmas stars or paper snowflakes on the glass windows or your curtains.

You will need colored paper – choose traditional Christmas colors such as white, red and gold, and also glue and adhesive velcro.

Cut the paper in stars and snowflake shapes, glue them to the velcro and then with some adhesive fix them to the glass.

You will get your own, personal Christmas sky and the satisfaction of having created your decorations will probably give you more pleasure than just buy a new set of Christmas curtains.

As you can see, there are many ways to get inspired for Christmas and decorate your home for the festivities to create a more welcoming, light and colorful atmosphere.

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