Dispersione calore nel cassonetto della finestra

How to avoid thermal dispersion when using roller shutters

Our home is our refuge from the external world, from the people, the noises but also from atmospheric conditions that make us feel uncomfortable.

What we most desire when going back home is a sense of peace both mental and physical.

The best way to achieve, it is to try to find the right balance between our needs and the place where we live.

We already discussed the elements and technological solutions – such as the ergonomics of spaces and furniture – that can allow us to improve the level of comfort of our homes to achieve:

  • thermal comfort;
  • visual Comfort;
  • sound comfort;
  • ambient comfort.

Amongst them, thermal comfort is undoubtedly the one that we take more for granted compared to the other ones as we assume that is only caused by the heating and cooling systems we use.

However, when designing a building, it is essential to take in consideration the support also given by elements such as efficient thermal technologies, or natural ventilation, the position in respect to the sun and the installation of adequate doors and windows.

Insulating your Roller Shutter Box

The parameters that influence in a significant way the feeling of technical confront are six:

  • the normal functions of individuals, commonly known as basal metabolism which is the amount of energy used by an individual while resting;
  • the thermal resistance of clothing;
  • the movement and airspeed;
  • the average temperature emitted, which is the average temperature of all the different surfaces of a room such as walls, ceiling, floor and windows;
  • air temperature in the environment;
  • the level of humidity present in the room.

Of these six parameters, four of them are influenced by the windows and their accessories.

In this article, we will focus mainly on the roller shutter and the problems that it could cause.

Usually, the materials used for making roller shutters are wood, chipboard or plywood without seals or insulating panels.

To improve in terms of energy performance, a room usually needs some substantial renovation, but it’s also possible to improve the situation with small and economic improvements.

Eliminate thermal bridges and solving technical problems such as drafts coming from the roller shutter you will save money for your bills and improve your thermal insulation.

Thermal Dispersion: Installation of insulation panels

To address heat loss problems with a small investment, you could insulate the roller shutter installing inside it materials capable of wrapping themselves around the shutter box.

Being very flexible materials, they adapt themselves very well to the shape of the box without interfering with the shutter.

To install them is always useful to ask the support of a professional, however, the installation process is not extremely complicated and, if you have the necessary skills, you could even install it yourselves:

  • inspect the shutter box to find holes or areas that need repairing;
  • measure the box before installing the insulation panels;
  • cut the panels in a way that can be installed without affecting the movement of the shutter;
  • seal the area with polyurethane foam.

This insulation panel system is suggested only when the shutter box is built inside the wall as, if we are dealing with an external box, the only way to fix the problem would be to replace the box.

In this case, drafts will only be fixed with modern and newly designed boxes, installed with care and with a perfectly sealed borders.

Ideal solution: installation of double glazing windows with blinds installed inside them

As we already saw, there are cheaper or more expensive ways to improve the thermal dispersion of the window shutters; however the best possible solution in terms of quality and price is undoubtedly the installation of blinds for inside double glazing.

With this choice, the blind is sealed inside the cavity between the glasses, resolving any issue connected to humidity, condensation, and drafts.

In this way, you will reach a great overall living comfort thanks to an improved thermal balance as well as improved lights and sound comfort.

The Venetian blinds designed to be installed inside the double glazing are made with cutting-edge materials, totally insulating, that can provide excellent living comfort to your home.



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