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Vertical blinds: how to furnish your office with style

The concept of interior design doesn’t just apply to private homes but it’s also a very important element for commercial activities too.

Businesses have often specific requirements and can sometimes benefit from the advice of professional interior designer that will suggest options also based on the current trends.

Different professional activities have different needs but, as you can imagine, vertical blinds have the fantastic quality of being suitable for any environment and needs.

Let’s take a look at how and why furnish your office with vertical blind.

Vertical blinds: Characteristics and qualities

The most popular window treatment for offices is vertical blinds, made of single slats, arranged vertically, that are also adjustable and can be regulated to let sunlight inside the room.

As well as being very aesthetically pleasing, vertical blinds have the advantage of having lower maintenance cost than other window treatments and, in case of damage, they allow you to change of single slats without having to change the whole blind.

They also offer the opportunity to play with colors – for example alternating slats of different tones, or use stronger and more vibrant colors to add more dynamism to your space.

In an office with large windows, vertical blinds guarantee practicality and functionality as well as a refined style.

Vertical blinds for a modern office

Vertical blinds have mainly three functions: allowing the diffusion of sunlight in the space, guarantee privacy, and furnish the room with originality and style.

They are very light, don’t take to much room and, unlike other solutions, they are very versatile as they can be adapted easily to any window or glass wall as they can be cut to measure.

Imagine a large office, furnished with a modern style, where glass walls separate different rooms.

To guarantee the privacy of the employees and, most of all, to the clients, the adoption of vertical blinds is undoubtedly the best choice.

With very little encumbrance, you will be able to “insulate” your rooms, without compromising on style or elegance.

Vertical blinds are the perfect solutions to furnish an office with glass doors, however, for windows facing outside, you could go for an even more practical choice: blinds for inside double glazing.

Double glazing blinds

Choosing the right window blind is difficult, we often talk about it in our blog, luckily though there are many possible solutions on the market that can help you.

When furnishing a road facing office, choosing blinds for inside double glazing can really be your best choice.

This solution gets rid of encumbrance problems given by other window treatments, cleaning issues, the gathering of dust and it’s also a long lasting solution as the blinds are not subject to external agents that contribute to their wear and tear.

Also, when installing double glazing blinds that can be managed by remote control, you will also have the ability to orientate them without getting up from your desk and regulate them as you like them with a simple click.

Furnish your office with taste and practicality

An office is not just a place of work where you live immersed in a world of documents and computer screens, but it’s also a place where we probably spend the majority of our time.

Furnish it with care is not just an aesthetic whim but also a necessity if you want to make it a more harmonious and welcoming a place where spend time with your work colleagues.

Vertical blinds, in this case, can really help you!

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