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Best blinds to use in your porch

If your house has a closed porch with large doors or windows and you want to transform it in an oasis of peace and relax, you need to enhance it with the right window blinds.

This space, usually not used very much during the winter due to the lower temperature, can become an elegant and enjoyable place all-year-round if using the right window fixture.

This type of furniture accessory can easily transform any room in a special place where to relax, gather guests or simply create an extension of the living area.

Using your veranda to create a new room will give you a unique opportunity to express your style utilizing a window treatment in line the rest of the furniture.

Usually, people tend to buy traditional fabric curtains that end up accumulating a lot of dust and allergens as well as being more difficult to clean.

To choose the most suitable window treatment for your porch, you should keep in mind these three essential elements.

1. Regulate sunlight intensity

Your porch can become a haven where to escape from warm sunlight and offer a milder alternative compared to the constant use of air conditioning.

To enjoy a space where the temperature is mild and where there is the right amount of natural light, you should roll-ups a try.

This type of blind guarantees you protection from the heat and UV rays and provides you a with good regulation and distribution of sunlight.

Other important characteristics are the ability to reduce thermal dispersion and offer an elegant visual impact.

There are several types of fabrics for roll-ups blinds. The most innovative are:

  • Blackout, that protects from light and heat thanks to his thermal insulation.
  • Screen, that offers you a diffuse luminosity and an efficient cover but it’s not entirely darkening.
  • Recycled PVC, perfect for anyone who wants to reduce their environmental impact without giving up on quality.

These options are all easy to clean and maintain to protect your porch from dust and insects.

You will also be able to choose the installations system more suitable for your needs (manual or automatic).

2. Guarantee your privacy

If privacy is your most important concern because you want to protect your porch from strangers eyes, traffic and streetlights, you should opt for Venetian blinds.

This model has many advantages as the ability to transform a room into a completely separate and private space from the outside.

No one will be able to disturb your relax and see what happens in your house while you are in porch.

Venetian blinds allow you to regulate the lighting of your room with precision and simplicity but, most of all guarantee your privacy thanks to their adjustable slats.

You will be able to completely darken the space to, again, guarantee you maximum privacy.

You can choose between several models – standard, aluminum, wood – to fully enjoy your porch while you enjoy a bit of relax and time off.

Venetian blinds are available in many colors and you will able to both use tones to match the rest of the furniture or otherwise create strong contrasts choosing very different shades and colors.

3. Improve your mood

If you like romanticism and elegant atmospheres, then the best choice for you is to purchase blinds for inside double glazing.

This solution is surely more unusual than the other but will guarantee you a unique atmosphere, that will improve your mood.

You will feel more relaxed and satisfied as this functional and durable model will perfectly fit in your space and will give you a dreamlike porch.

Double glazing Venetian blinds are innovative and increase your levels of solar shielding which will give you unforgettable moments of comfort.

Their easiness of use starts from different installation systems, both manual and automatic, that can also be fitted with photovoltaic panels

By purchasing this type of blinds, you will be able to obtain significant energy savings thanks to their ability to regulate light and heat simply and innovatively.

Do you need anything more to improve your mood?


We have taken a look at the elements to take in consideration before choosing and buying the curtains for your porch.

Every evaluation is important to create the best environment and refuge for both summer and winter.

Choosing the most suitable blind for your needs is essential to integrate this extra space to your home perfectly.

For this reason don’t forget the three key elements to keep in mind: luminosity, privacy, and wellbeing.



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