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Window treatments for one bedroom flats: here the best solutions

Living in a one bedroom flat often means having to deal with restrictions in terms of space and also the necessity to optimize every room and make the apartment as welcoming and spacious as possible.

For this reason, the choice of interior design needs to often go towards practical and specific solutions.

One bedroom flats generally have a bedroom, a living room with kitchen and a bathroom developed over more or less square meters.

As we already mentioned, it’s important to be able to take advantage of every single square meter available, using suitable kinds of furniture and accessories.

The aesthetic aspect and the overall visual impact are also crucial elements to take in considerations.

If too heavily furnished, an apartment of small dimensions could look too busy and considerably smaller.

Also, if you live in a one bedroom flat you probably want your house to look as tidy and spacious as possible.

For all these reasons we suggest to evaluate carefully also the choice of blinds, as by using them properly your apartment will result much bigger and more elegant.

There are many choices for one bedroom flats, from the traditional ones to the more innovative and technological.

Here are a few solutions to take in considerations based on the style of your home and your needs.

Classic curtains

This option is not amongst the best but it is still useful to consider as it’s usually the cheaper solution.

Buying classic curtains is a certainly a quicker and more economical choice and has a shorter installation time.

Going for this option, your space will look bigger if the curtain rod holding the fabric is fitted as high as possible on the wall.

This is because, installing your curtains as high as possible on the wall instead that close to the window frame will focus the attention on the length of the curtain, creating the illusion of a bigger height of the space.

This is usually the easiest solution, the one that will allow you to set everything in the quickest way.

However, you should also bear in mind the disadvantages of classic curtains:

  • Gather dust and allergens;
  • They are difficult to dismantle;
  • They are difficult to clean and if you need to remove stains;
  • They take more space.

If you are 100% sure that this is the right solution for you, then you should make sure to opt for classic curtains with light colored fabrics, to make your one bedroom flat more spacious.

Roll-ups and panel blinds

An option not to underestimates is the choice of roll-ups and panel blinds. This types of blinds allow you to recover space thanks to their opening and closing systems.

Panel blinds move laterally on a track fitted on the ceiling and composed of different elements that allow you the regulations of the panels as you need them.

On the other hand, the fabric of roll-ups, which is stretched by the weight of a slat inserted in the lower part, rolls up around a metallic roller fixed on the ceiling or the window.

In both cases, it will be necessary to choose filtering fabrics, soft and with light colors to add luminosity and lighten your flat.

A good rule to follow is to avoid very bright colored models or big prints, that tend to dominate the space and making the room look smaller.

Do the smart thing and choose blinds of the same color of the walls or slightly lighter to guarantee uniformity and making the atmosphere more welcoming and spacious.

If you opt for heavy fabrics and with dark colors, they will shrink your flat making look smaller and narrower.

However, if you really want to eliminate the encumbrance issue of your blinds you will be able to opt for one of the next solutions, both excellent but with different advantages and disadvantages.

“Made-to-measure” or blind internal to the double-glazing

Another alternative is to eliminate large draping systems with the use of made-to-measure blinds or double glazing blinds.

The second option is the most expensive one – in terms of installation costs, but it gives your home great energy savings and many other benefits.

We already talked about the difference between the two types of blinds and we listed their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of both solutions.

Cut-to-measure blinds are usually installed with an extendable rod cable to adapt to the measurement of any window.

They are easy to install, uninstall and to clean.

On the other hand, blinds for inside double glazing are a modern and technologically advanced solution.

Both types of blinds will help you with the issue of space and comfort of living as they only occupy the space of your window frame and not the surrounding area.

However, double glazing blinds undeniably feature more advanced systems that give you many advantages:

  • simple maintenance;
  • complete privacy;
  • more safety as they are built inside the double glazing ;
  • automatic or manual orientation systems;
  • energy savings

The cost of this type of blinds is higher than others but is compensated by its huge advantages.

So, in order to use the space of your one bedroom flat at its best, you will only need to follow the simple suggestions from this article, choosing a model and a fabric that best suit your style of furniture.

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