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Why it is useful to replace old windows

On our blog, we have often talked about the importance of having good quality windows.

This is because a high-quality window frame, when in good conditions, will protect you in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, providing you with greater comfort.

When old window frames, sometimes first installed when the house was first built, are still used in a home, they are more likely to cause drafts, condensation, humidity and sudden increase/decrease of temperature, without considering what they cause in terms of energy waste and overall wellbeing.

If your home has old windows, you should really consider the option of investing in new ones and change them.

Why? Let’s take a look at the most important reasons that should push you in that direction.

1. Improve the thermal comfort of your home

Have you ever asked yourself why sometimes the temperature inside of your house can be colder than the outside in the winter and hotter in the summer?

One of the main reasons is, in fact, old and low-quality windows.

The lack of a good window frame, double glazing, and good insulation will force you to spend more money on heating and cooling systems and will increase your gas or electricity bill.

Therefore, changing the old windows will help you save some money as well as increase your overall thermal comfort.

2. Increase the value of your property

Structural elements such as your windows can influence significantly the value of your property on the market and as much as other characteristics of a property such as m2, number of rooms, etc.

If you are a property owner, changing old window fixtures with high-performance models will allow you to increase its economic value.

For example, a high energy class property is capable to guarantee significant energy savings to a new owner and therefore it tends to have higher selling prices.

3. Improve the aesthetics of your property

Windows, doors, and shutters are not just structural elements but they also have a very important aesthetic role.

Visible even from outside, good quality windows can improve the aesthetics of a building, of a villa or even a small apartment, becoming an architectural element of primary importance.

If you have old wooden or aluminum windows that might be obsolete or even slightly damaged, we strongly advise you to change them with models capable to join the functional with the aesthetic aspect.

4 . Install blinds for inside double glazing

Usually, good quality windows feature double glazing systems. This detail can make a lot of difference in terms of thermal insulation but also offer you an opportunity that maybe you still haven’t considered.

In fact, when choosing to change old window frames with new double glazing models, you can decide to install Venetian blinds internal to the double glazing.

This is a functional and practical innovation but it’s also very aesthetically pleasing and offers many advantages such as:

  • eliminate the encumbrance of traditional curtains;
  • eliminate the accumulation of dust;
  • offers a great managing system for natural light inside your home.


As you can see there are many reasons that should encourage you to change your old windows and install new ones.

To briefly list them once again, they are:

  • make an investment that repays itself in a short period of time;
  • improve the thermal comfort of your home;
  • increase the value of your property.

Now that you have a better idea of the importance of new windows don’t waste any more time and change them to resolve all your problems.

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