How to install window treatments without drilling into your walls

When we decorate a home, we need to deal with the installations of curtains and blinds, and in some cases, we might not want or be able to drill holes in the walls.For example, you might want to avoid making holes in the wall because you are the property owner, or maybe because you prefer not to ruin your wall by drilling holes to attach a curtain rod.The same thing goes for window frames – it’s a bit of a shame to make holes in the window frame to install small hooks for sheer blinds.On top of that, it’s probably fair to say that, after spending a lot of time choosing the perfect furniture for your home to make it elegant and tidy, deciding to drill holes in your wall to hang bulky curtains doesn’t sound like a great idea.So, what is the best way to deal with this issue? Well, there are several solutions that you might use to mount blinds and curtains without having to drill any holes.Let’s take a look at some of them.

Installing curtains without drilling holes using a spring-loaded curtain rod

In rooms like bathrooms, small kitchens and utility rooms, you can solve this problem using spring-loaded curtain rods, which can be installed by simply pushing them directly on the window frame.This is certainly a cheap solution and very easy to install – however, we also need to consider a few of its downsides.First of all, they are not particularly pretty, and they can also easily lose their grip, fall on the floor and leave the window ‘uncovered’ – not a good thing, especially when you are out. On top of that, there is also a risk of soiling your curtains.For this reason, we would advise you to opt for this solution only for small, secondary rooms where space is key and practicality is more important than aesthetics.

Installing curtains without drilling holes using Venetian blinds

Another good option to avoid drilling holes in the wall is to install Venetian blinds, which can be attached directly on the window frame thanks to special hooks.You can install these metal hooks on the window frame without any drilling, and they are available for both wood and aluminium in numerous sizes.The downside of this solution is that these hooks might damage the window seal and affect the performance of the window in terms of thermal insulation.

Installing blinds without drilling holes using self-adhesive hooks

In the last few years, the use of self-adhesive hooks that can be attached directly to the wall or window frame has become increasingly popular.These hooks are cheap, easy to use and remove, and won’t leave any marks on the walls when you decide to remove them.Usually, they can hold the weight of blind very effectively but, if you have children or pets at home that might try to pull the blind, the resistance of the blind will be limited by the strength of the adhesive on the hooks.

Installing blinds without drilling holes using the glazing bead

15 mm Venetian blinds or single-command blinds are a choice that unites practicality, quality, and convenience as they can be mounted directly on the window’s glazing bead. This solution is visually very subtle, and it will also reduce encumbrance. You will be able to choose between plisse blinds or darkening blinds, allowing you to manage privacy and luminosity exactly as you wish.This type of installation has the advantage of being suitable for sliding windows as it screws directly on the window.You will also find 25mm models that can be mounted on the window frame but not inside the glazing bead.With this solution, your room will gain elegance and give an impression of space, especially if you find blinds in a colour that goes well with your furnishing style.

Installing blinds without drilling holes using roll-up blinds

Another option is roll-up blinds, also mounted inside the glazing bead, not using screws but adhesive strips.A strong adhesive is attached to a guide, which is then glued to the glass and which helps the blind stay in the correct position following the adhesive strips.This system brings benefits such as good sunlight filtering, because it completely covers the glass, and the option to close tilting or vasistas windows without having to roll-up the blind first.These are handy solutions if you have a home where you can’t drill any holes or if you don’t feel comfortable about drilling holes yourself.To complete a good job, you need patience and tools suitable for the task like a level, screws, hammer, electric drill and drill bits.Otherwise, your last option is to pay a professional to do it for you.

Installing blinds without drilling holes using double-glazing blinds

The previous solutions might not meet your expectations as choosing one of them will inevitably lead to a compromise. If that’s the case, we would suggest you opt for a modern and definitive solution: Venetian blinds for double glazing.This solution offers all the benefits you can imagine: practicality, convenience, safety, privacy and tidiness.You won’t need to drill holes in the wall because the blinds are inserted directly between the two panes of the double glazing.Double-glazing blinds can be of different styles: plisse, duet or Venetian blinds. Also, being installed in a completely sealed environment, they have the additional benefit of not gathering dust and other allergens compared with other solutions.You can also choose between manual and automatic blinds, in case you need more comfort when using the blinds and regulating the intensity of the light.They are very versatile and, even if they might appear to be the most expensive option, it’s important to remember that they will guarantee you substantial energy savings, reducing your energy consumption up to 10%.


As we have just shown you, there are many different solutions available on the market that avoid the need to drill holes in the walls of your home to install the blinds that most suit your needs.All you need to do now is pick the right one for you.

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