Thermal break windows: what are they and what’s their use

If your objective is to avoid thermal dispersion in your home and reduce your energetic costs, you should think about installing thermal break windows.

This is a type of aluminium window fixture, preferred to other materials thanks to its malleability during production

Being both strong and light, and needing very little maintenance, this is the perfect choice in the making of this window fixtures.

However, aluminium has also a negative characteristic that is famous for: it’s an incredible thermal conductor.

How to reduce thermal bridge effect

If the external temperature is much lower compared to the internal one, a window fixture with aluminium profile will create a thermal bridge, transferring the internal heat towards the external environment.

This effect causes the dispersion of a big part of the heat generated by your heating system.

Vice versa, during the summer, you will end up losing the cool generated by your air conditioning.

Installing thermal break windows will allow you to reduce this significant thermal dispersion improving your energy saving as well as comfort.

Remember that the perfect insulation for a building depends on many factors but most of all it depends on the quality of the window fixture.

Thermal break windows will make your house comfortable and will reduce your bills.

Characteristics of the thermal-break window

This kind of window frames is made of two polyamides, that is two bars of thermoplastics which interrupt the continuity of the aluminum structure.

This is where the name, thermal-break window, comes from as it refers to the ability of the thermal insulating material to break the heat dispersion flux.

An essential element in the thermal-break windows is the glass, in the specific double glazing made of at least a low emission element, to improve the isolation.

To avoid rain infiltrations inside the window fixture, there are also windows with an open joint capable of draining away the water

Thermal-break windows: an informed choice

As we just saw, choosing to purchase a thermal-break window is an environmentally sustainable choice as well as good in terms of comfort and in terms of energy savings.

A green solution that will also allow you to take advantage of tax breaks available for the energetic requalification of your home

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