Photovoltaic venetian blinds: energy savings and respect for the environment

It’s nowadays general knowledge that the natural reserves of fossil fuel are limited and they will eventually come to an end.

This awareness is now generating a growing an interest in the new, renewable energies and in particular, around solar power.

Many people are exploring the idea of remodeling their homes and integrating new systems that have a smaller environmental impact as well as well as offering some energy savings.

However, not everyone has the time and money to invest in this kind of work whereas others don’t have the opportunity to implement complex interventions as the installation of solar panel on a roof as in the case of people leaving in condos.

Another important consideration is that also living in a historical town or a graded building can bring some limitations in terms of architectural restriction when planning these kinds of works.

Still, this doesn’t mean that we can’t implement any eco-friendly modification.

They might look like small adjustments, but even the installation of insulating panels, a thermostat or photovoltaic venetian blinds can really contribute to the wellbeing of our planet and reduce our bills.

Let’s take a closer look photovoltaic Venetian blinds for instance.

What’s a photovoltaic Venetian blind?

As the name suggests, photovoltaic Venetian blinds function with thin flexible and orientable solar panels directly placed on the blinds slats.

Their mechanism is very simple and can be divided into three phases:

  • Solar shielding;
  • Capturing of solar energy;
  • Releasing of solar energy onto the home power grid.

It’s estimated that considering the models currently on the market, a standard window with photovoltaic panels installed on a Venetian blind could produce around 350W of energy, the amount of energy necessary to power up a computer.

This system, as well as being “green”, allows substantial energy and costs savings.

Furthermore, it’s a solution that can suit any space as Venetian blinds go exceptionally well any decor.

They can me be tailor-made to your needs, to respond to any of your needs, both at home or in an office.

Some models, as well as producing energy, can also protect you from break-ins and offer thermic insulation.

And, of course, as per your traditional venetian blind, they can guarantee your privacy and protect the window fixtures by the weather.

The cost for the purchase and installation of these models can also be partially covered by subsidies available for homes redevelopment in Italy, in specific to the legislation n. 22/E from 2nd April 2013 by the Revenue Agency: “detrazione per acquisto e installazione di un impianto fotovoltaico diretto alla produzione di energia elettrica”.

Integrated photovoltaic system for Venetian blinds inside double glazing

We already talked about the advantages offered by Venetian blinds placed inside double glazing and, even in this case, it’s possible to take advantage of the benefits provided by an integrated system.

A soft-touch control, easy to use a remote control with a design developed for safety and long-term durability

This technology allows you to control the movement and orientation of a blind inside double glazing with an eco-friendly system and with the aim of significant energy savings.

Thanks to a small photovoltaic panel are in fact possible to power a motorized blind with battery making it completely independent by the local electric grid.

This eco-friendly and cost-effective solution finds its perfect use when we are planning only the refurbishment of the window fixtures as no construction work would be necessary for the connection to the local power grid.

The possibility of using a power-operated blind that always stays charged up thanks to photovoltaic panels is a perfect solution for second homes that are not used for long periods of the year.


Darken or lighten spaces with an eco-friendly solution is possible even without significant refurbishing work

Choosing to live in a sustainable way doesn’t necessarily carry huge costs as we only need to make well-informed, intelligent purchases.

All for the better if we can also make some savings in the process!!

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