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Provence Blinds: models, colours and patterns

Provence Blinds are suitable for you if you like sophisticate aesthetic and you want to recreate in your home an atmosphere inspired by the south of France.

The enchanting colors of Provence, with their rural simplicity and inspired by wheat fields, country villas, and the big lavender cultivations, can really add to your décor a charming, old-fashioned feeling.

Very often, when we decorate our homes, we tend to choose first the furniture and all the decorative elements at the end.

Don’t make this mistake and try to always have an overall plan for your décor, especially if you are planning to recreate a sophisticated style such as Provencal, as it needs specific elements.

To recreate a romantic and sophisticated environment, try to mix white furniture and light blinds with gentle tones, that can produce an elegant yet welcoming effect.

Provence blinds can offer the right light to any room; you only need to choose the right model, colors, and patterns.

Provence blinds: fabrics and patterns

The most utilized fabrics for Provencal blinds are linen, cotton, and silk. These are the lightest fabrics, and they are also perfect to filter the light and create chiaroscuro and sheer effects.

Always choose a single pattern or floral pattern fabrics.

If you can find Provence blinds with floral embroidery, they will enrich even more your décor.

Provence blinds: colors

The most suitable colors for this style are pastel colors as they have the gift to make romantic and comfortable any environment.

When it comes to Provence blinds always choose tones like ivory, light gray, yellow, pink, beige or lilac, as a touch of lavender.

Aim towards simplicity and try not to use too many color nuances, trying to create a sense of chromatic coherence.

Depending on your needs and by the room to decorate, you can go for different colors to achieve several, sophisticated effects:

  • lilac: a classic tone for this style as, as we mentioned, it’s inspired by lavender fields in the south of France. This tone softens any room, and it’s ideal for a romantic bathroom
  • white: often used for this kind of style as well as in a ‘shabby chic’ style, as it makes any room light and sophisticated
  • pink: very feminine tone with a retro taste, it’s suitable for a ‘bon ton’ kitchen or a little girl bedroom
  • beige: this color gives a rural feeling to the environment as it recalls country’s wheat fields

After choosing fabrics and colors, don’t forget to pick the most suitable blind model for the room you need to decorate.

Provence blinds: the models

When choosing the perfect model, remember that every room needs to be enhanced with the right blind.

As we already mentioned, fabrics need to be light, and the colors need to gentle. Let’s take a look now at the best models for your kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom.

  • Kitchen: choose a roman blind with cord and curled in the high section, otherwise blinds to attach directly to the glass – a solution more suitable if you don’t need to open them
  • Bedroom: you should go for blinds that can offer more cover to give you privacy and, thinking about Provence blinds, silk Cortinas are perfect for the job.
  • Living room: without a doubt, the best option here are the romantic and elegant Cortinas style blinds.
  • Bathroom: in this space, opt for wooden Venetian blinds with pastel colors that can go well with your furniture, for a nice, harmonic feeling.

Now the only thing left to do is to choose the Provence blinds more suitable for your needs to make your home elegant and romantic.

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