Blinds for modern interiors

Blinds for modern interiors: 3 solutions for you

Blinds are an essential element to complete the design of our home, a detail that can help to make it more personal and unique.

They are often chosen as one of the last details when designing a house, but they are certainly not less important for the overall feeling of a room.

We already looked at how we can decorate spaces with Venetian blinds, and today we will look at the best types of blinds for more contemporary and modern interiors.

If you chose a modern style for your house, it’s because you like simplicity and essential lines and, for this reason, you should choose a simple window covering system, with uniform colors and without patterns and embellishments typical of conventional curtains.

Also, when choosing blinds for modern interiors, you will able to opt for more technological advance models that will enable you to make your home more energy efficient.

This is because some shielding systems, like blinds for inside double glazing for example, as well as guaranteeing privacy and regulate sunlight, can also prevent heat loss during the winter and make your home cooler in the summer.

Let’s take a look at 3 different solutions for modern interior designs;

Venetian blinds for inside double glazing

Let’s start with the most innovative model, suitable for a house with a modern and refined style. A Venetian blind for inside double glazing is essentially a Venetian blind placed inside the space between the glasses of a window fixture. 

It often happens that, after having chosen with care the window fixtures for our home, perfectly in line with our modern style and very performing from a thermal isolation point of view, we end up covering them with large and bulky curtains.

Thanks to Venetian blinds that can be fitted inside double glazing this will never again be an issue and you will be protected from sun and other atmospheric agents as well as protect your privacy.

Venetian blinds placed inside double glazing can be operated with a manual system (a simple nob) or automated systems (a remote control).

As well as extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing, they are also very practical; being durable and by being placed inside the double glazing, they will need very little maintenance and, as they don’t accumulate dust and other impurities, they won’t need constant cleaning.

This kind of blinds, which are available with different systems for operating and orientating the slats, are very sought after these days especially in houses with a modern style and with high-quality furniture.

The possibility to guarantee a high level of comfort, offering different levels of solar shielding, make Venetian blinds for inside double glazing a winning choice for modern and sophisticated interiors.

Aluminum Blinds

Another very good solution for modern interior design is the use of aluminum Venetian blinds. Practical, resistant and with a linear design, they can furnish your home with elegance and are available in different colors and dimensions.

The best models for interiors are the ones with slats of:

  • 15 mm;
  • 25 mm;
  • 53 mm.

When choosing the colors for a modern design, the choice must go for neutral and elegant tones:

  • white: classic and versatile, it will suit any color you choose for your furniture;
  • grey: the quintessential sleek color, always capable of making a room elegant;
  • pastel tones: these colors are very modern and give a more delicate and romantic feeling to a room.

Aluminum Venetian blinds take little space and are made by horizontal slats with a bidirectional movement capable of regulating sunlight.

Their minimal design makes them a good option for modern interior design as they will make your home comfortable and relaxing.


Roll-ups blinds are suitable for any design but their simple and discreet style and make them perfect for modern interiors.

This doesn’t mean sacrificing the design in the name of simplicity as you can find roll-ups of different colors and patterns capable of binding practicality and originality in your decor.

Installed on the ceiling or the wall, they guarantee privacy, protection by heat and by UV lights, reduction of the thermal loss and also offer an elegant visual impact to a room.

Roll-ups can be filtering or darkening depending on the type of fabric used.

When looking at this type of blinds, they can make a room feel modern but also intimate and welcoming.

Now, which kind of blind would you choose for your home?

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