Venetian blinds for interiors: how to choose the size of the slats

The choice of Venetian blinds for interiors needs to meet different requirements in terms of styles, practicality and aesthetics, as we have already discussed several times in our blog.As well thinking about the material used to produce your blinds – like wood, aluminium or PVC – and the way they look, you should also think about the dimensions of the slats when you are about to make a purchase.

Venetian blinds slats: what are they?

The slats of a Venetian blind are essentially thin, horizontal sheets of different woods or other materials that can be controlled by cords or remote control.Their position can be adjusted to enable you to control both sunlight and the privacy of your home; however, it’s important to mention that there is no fit-for-all solution for choosing the right slats for your Venetian blinds.There are many different blinds available on the market in all sorts of sizes, and you will also be able to find models with various slat thicknesses.But let’s take a look at all the options available when you make a purchase.

Dimensions of Venetian blind slats

Venetian blinds are usually marketed with 15mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slats.As well as these options, there are other solutions like 16mm plissé blinds and single-control Venetian blinds like our DUET line.As you can imagine, different types of slats offer different results from an aesthetic point of view, and that’s why, for example, we tend to use Venetian blinds with 50mm slats for exteriors.Let’s now take a look at how to choose Venetian blinds based on the dimensions of the slats.

15 and 25mm Venetian blinds in aluminium

Aluminium Venetian blinds with 15mm and 25mm slats are extremely compact and visually discreet, perfect for use in any interior.Thanks to their smaller dimensions, they are often considered the best option for installation inside double glazing, especially for French windows that are used frequently during the day.For example, 15 mm Venetian blinds would be particularly suitable in a kitchen with a French window leading onto a balcony or a terrace as they are extremely compact.On the other hand, the 25mm version would be more suitable for other rooms of the home, like the living room or dining room, where aesthetics can be more important than practicality alone.

25mm Venetian blinds in wood

If you like this particular style and want to take advantage of wood’s aesthetic quality, we suggest you choose 25mm Venetian blinds made of this material.With this option, you will benefit from the practicality offered by this type of blinds and the natural beauty of wood.Wood can be varnished in different colours, and this offers you a number of options when you make your purchase and try to find the best model to go with your furniture.For example, with a shabby chic style of decor gentle and light colours are certainly preferred, whereas, with classic furniture or antiques where cherry and walnut woods are predominant, we would advise you to go for a brown colour or darker shades.

35mm and 50mm slats: the perfect solution for exterior blinds

If, as well as purchasing blinds for your interior, you are interested in models suitable for exteriors, we advise you to opt for 35mm or 50mm slats rather than 15mm and 25mm.There is a simple reason for this – being of a larger size makes 35mm and 50mm Venetian blinds more resistant than other models and offers the perfect look for your exterior.However, it is worth mentioning that these models of blinds also represent good options for furnishing offices and commercial activities, especially if used with large windows and parting walls.


As you have probably gathered by reading this article, before buying Venetian blinds for your interior or exterior always think about the slat dimensions to best achieve benefits and style you are looking for.

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