Per lavorare da casa punta sul Cloffice

To work from home, make a “Cloffice”

During the most critical phase of the pandemic, many of us found ourselves having to deal with working from home without an adequate space in which to do this.

Smart working has highlighted the difficulties of managing work and family needs from home.

Not all homes have enough space to make a room into an office, so what to do when space is limited?

A “Cloffice” is an excellent solution: A “Cloffice” is a closet  and  an office.

The “Cloffice” has been around for some time: it was not devised during the pandemic. However, its popularity increased in 2020, as evidenced by Pinterest Insights of 2021 where searches  for “Cloffice ideas” doubled in a year.

The push for Cloffices started when Fashion Bloggers and US Influencers, such as Kylie Jenner, started sharing photos on social media of their beautiful walk-in closets with a home-office corner.

Let’s find out together how to make a Cloffice.

How to make a Cloffice

You don’t need large furniture or a big space create a Cloffice: a support surface to act as desk, and a seat, both in a size suitable for a wardrobe, will suffice.  

As soon as you finish working, you can close the doors and keep your home tidy.

The Cloffice concept has increased in popularity despite its name: the size of space needed to create it has evolved to where you need not worry if you don’t have a spacious wardrobe.

As alternatives, you can definitely take advantage of unused corners of your home, such as  under the stairs, recesses in the walls or small storage rooms.

The idea is to find a space where you can create a small and private environment in which to concentrate and be productive.

Cloffice: Examples of how to make one

To find out what a Cloffice should look like, or to draw inspiration for creating one in your home, it is very useful to look for the hashtag #cloffice on Instagram or Pinterest.

Let’s look at some must-haves  for a  Cloffice  that is ideal for tranquility and productivity.

Proper lighting and comfortable furnishings  are extremely important for a functional and pleasant workspace.

If you don’t have natural light, make sure you have good lighting from above.

Try to keep your space organized, using every part of it for this purpose.

The wall, for example, can be used for shelving to store items you need at hand.

To keep it organized, try to keep your Cloffice simple: it is a small space so it is essential to furnish it only with the essentials.

Try to choose neutral colors and avoid overdoing it with decorative elements, so as to avoid distractions.

If your space is not inside a wardrobe, to hide it from view you could use a roller blind or an elegant Venetian blind.


As you can see, the Cloffice must be a small space that is organized and functional as well as very pleasant.

Now you’re ready to make one of your own and customize it as you like.

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