Come arredare casa in stile boho-glam

How to decorate a home in a boho-glam style

In our blog we’ve often talked about styles of decor and how to exploit them to enhance our home in a different way, depending on their characteristics.

Recently, we’ve been seeing more and more of the boho-glam style, an evolution of boho-chic which mixes together objects which seem to be very different, to make environments elegant and contemporary.

The unique feature of this style is a refined eccentricity which brings together bohemian culture and glitz, capable of conquering the world of interior design.

The furniture accessories and the furniture must belong to different eras and styles, but they must be carefully selected to avoid making the environment confusing.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to decorate your home in a boho-glam style.

Boho-Glam: what materials to choose

The choice of materials may seem complicated, because you need to know how to mix different elements without creating visual chaos.

For this we recommend that you follow these guidelines:

  • for furnishing accessories and decorations, choose fabrics like jute, rattan and wicker;
  • for furniture, shelves and trolleys, choose polished materials or mirrored surfaces;
  • insert some metal element, which will add shine to the environment.

For the detail, to give you some ideas, you could consider a Peacock armchair in wicker or rattan, with a bohemian touch, resting on a sheepskin, voluminous and very glam.

This type of combination will help you to recreate a boho-glam style with a strong visual impact.

Boho-Glam: the best colours and patterns

As we’ve already mentioned, the boho-glam style is about the randomness and eccentricity of the decor, as well as the choice of colours.

Dark background walls are ideal for creating an environment where you can then add elements from different styles – animal, striped, ethnic.

Blending quiet boho suggestions with eccentric tribal motifs may seem to be very risky, but that’s precisely the beauty of this style of furnishing.

Consider a bedroom with a white headboard and bedside tables in the same colour with glass shelves, combined with an ethnic-patterned bedspread and pillows.

Let’s not forget metal elements: touches of silver, gold, brass or copper which make the environment very glam.

If you want to be even more daring, don’t limit yourself to furniture accessories and consider a metal wall in all colours

Boho-Glam: space for plants

Plants instantly give a bohemian touch to any environment and they’re an unmissable feature for recreating the boho-glam style.

The ones we recommend are broad-leaved plants, like the philodendron, succulents, the ficus or spider plants, held in a hanging macramé vase.

The peculiar wild trait of plants can be balanced with elegant glass shelves and shimmering elements.

The importance of light

In the boho-glam style, one feature you should never discount is the importance of light. Lighting is key and you’ll need to create as many light points as possible to catch the eye.

Chandeliers, floor lamps and table lamps, all in the same environment, would be the ideal solution, but they don’t need to have anything in common.

Beads and fringes recall the boho style, while shiny surfaces are very glam, so try to mix these elements for your light points.

As for natural light input, we recommend you choose curtains which can be easily adjusted depending on the brightness at various times of the day.

Wooden Sunbell venetian blinds with pairings of wood essences or matt varnishings match the latest trends in interior design, like the boho-glam style. 


Now you’ve had these tips, you should be ready to design your home in a boho-glam style. As you can see, it’s not too complicated – just pay attention to each element and imagine it overall

Enjoy being daring, mixing bohemian complements with other glam elements, add a hint of eccentricity and you’ll see that the result will be a really effective environment. 

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