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Blinds for French Windows: the 3 most suitable solutions

There are environments in which the most suitable solution for the available space is to install a French Window.

Yes, because some rooms need the freedom of movement offered by a door, but also the brightness given by a window.

Imagine a room that could open onto a courtyard, a porch or a large terrace and, at the same time, allow you to enjoy the well-being offered by natural light.

This could be the right time to install a product that offers living comfort and energy efficiency and which, thanks to its acoustic and thermal insulation, creates a continuum between the indoors and outdoors. 

But how to guarantee privacy without sacrificing brightness?

There are various models of blinds for French Windows which allow you to manage the level of lighting and privacy in a room. Let’s look together at the 3 most suitable solutions, and the features to take into account.

Blinds for French Windows: how to choose the right ones

Not all rooms need a blind for a French Window, especially if you have rooms at the back of the house that are not visible to prying eyes.

But the need to find a solution for the management of brightness may remain: blinds can completely change the personality of a room.

Although a blind for French Window is not indispensable, this article can help you understand where to start if you would like to obtain one.

Before evaluating the model that best suits your needs, consider a few factors:

  • window door compartment – assess whether the compartment where the French Window is installed is deep enough: in that case you will have more choice, without interfering with the opening of the door;
  • location of the blind support – consider where to place the blind support. You can put it on the ceiling or directly on the window, but check well that it does not hinder the movement of the French Window;
  • opening and closing the door – if you need to open and close the French Window often, perhaps because it is installed in a position of frequent passage, it is advisable to choose Venetian blinds and roller blinds or, better yet, double-glazing blinds.

Blinds for French Windows: 3 ideal models

Once you have properly considered the previous factors, it is time to research the best model for your needs.

Each French Window blind has characteristics that are adaptable or not to various situations.

We advise you to consider these 3 types of solutions: Venetian blinds, Roller blinds and Double-glazing blinds.

1. Venetian blinds for French Windows

Venetian blinds are a very practical choice for a French Window if you have them installed on glass.

This solution prevents obstruction and does not hinder the opening and closing of the door. It also guarantees you the right level of privacy.

Available in different colours and in different materials, such as aluminum and wood, Venetian blinds permit the adjustment of lighting through the manual and automatic management of the slats.

2. Roller blinds for French Windows

Roller blinds are the least practical solution of the 3 models that we suggest because they are a little more bulky than the others.

They are installed on the wall or ceiling: we advise you to choose them if you have sliding French Windows as they will not get in the way of the doors.

Roller blinds can be both manual and electric, and their  fabrics are also available in different colours and types.

The availability of different fabrics  also allows you to choose how much filtering you want. For example, in a bedroom which requires darkness and relaxation, you can opt for a blackout fabric.

3. Double-glazing blinds for French Windows

Double-glazing blinds are the best solution for various reasons:

  • they are installed inside double-glazing so they do not hinder passage or the opening and closing of the French Window;
  • they do not require constant maintenance or cleaning because, being sealed, they are less easily dirtied or damaged;
  • they guarantee energy savings as they are protected in double-glazing and are manageable both manually and automatically, 

We hope that our information will help you to clarify your choices.

If you need to install a blind at your French Window, ask for advice from professionals, so as to ensure you make the right decision.

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