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How to decorate a law firm

Decorating a law firm requires attention to detail and furnishings other than just a desk and some chairs. 

This is because customers will be dealing with important and often sensitive topics, so it is essential that the environment reassures them and puts them at ease.

You need to create an atmosphere which is not only professional but also welcoming

By following some simple suggestions, in accordance with your chosen style (classic, modern, or contemporary), you will be able to obtain this result.

This article offers tips on furnishing your law firm, to make it professional and friendly.

Decorating a law firm in a classic style

Classic is often the first choice of style for decorating a law firm, perhaps because it is seen to be the most formal and professional.

Obviously, a top lawyer can perform at their best in any context; however, furnishings in the classical style can have a more authoritative visual impact. 

If you love this style, let’s see how to decorate your law firm, starting with the choice of desk.

Your desk is the centrepiece of the room; it is where you will meet customers and collaborators, and where you will sign agreements. Therefore, it must be practical and functional, as well as elegant.

For a classic style, we recommend that you opt for a solid wood desk with drawers on the side for storing documents.

Combine with elegant and sturdy wooden chairs, placed in front of the desk, to accommodate clients.

Complete the decor with a chesterfield sofa and two armchairs.

Of course, you cannot forget a bookcase to store all your legal texts, so that these are always on hand for any eventuality during the drafting of documents.

Again, we recommend choosing a solid wood bookcase that is sturdy and impressive.

As for accessories, we advise you not to overdo the knick-knacks. Instead, choose a classic short-pile carpet and do not underestimate the impact of a good pair of curtains.

Natural light is always important, so our advice is to install wooden Venetian blinds, which give elegance and professionalism to the environment, as well as making it warm and welcoming.

Decorating a law firm in a contemporary style

The contemporary style is suitable for young law firms which are less tied to tradition.

Professionalism does not necessitate the absence of originality, so you can choose this style to express your creativity.

You can choose an industrial chic style desk which combines materials, such as a wooden countertop with metal legs.

Matching chairs can be in transparent polycarbonate or designer chairs with polypropylene seats and wooden legs.

Your bookcase should also recall the industrial style, with raw wood shelves and metal supports for example. 

Accessories such as ornaments must be carefully chosen, giving priority to contemporary design works

For blinds, the best choice is Venetian integral blinds, perhaps with an automated system so you can control them whilst comfortably seated at the desk. 

They also guarantee maximum cleanliness and privacy that a meeting with customers requires.


As we have seen, law firms can be furnished with originality whilst remaining professional.

The most important thing is planning everything at the design stage, so that each element is in harmony with the others.

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