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How to rearrange your home for remote working

Deciding to work from home – or in case you have to do it, due to extenuating circumstances – can prove to be a pretty radical change and, sometimes, people can feel worried to disconnect too much from the actual work place.

You should mentally prepare yourself for this new adventure, and you should make sure that your new working space at home is ready too. 

The risk here is that your home might not be the ideal place in which to concentrate and work.

Therefore, you must plan where exactly you are going to set up your workstation very carefully.

Let’s take a look together at what methods and strategies you can apply to re-organise your home according to your new needs.

Create a space exclusively for your work 

The idea of working from your sofa, bed or a small table in the sun can be appealing when we think about remote working.

However, the reality is very different: the best choice is to make a habit of using the same workstation every day. 

These are the reasons why:

  1. It will help your concentration, and it will help avoid distractions; 
  2. It will help you separate your work life from your personal life; 
  3. You can create a comfortable space, that won’t give you posture problems and muscular pains.

Having a dedicated room to use only for work would be ideal, but if your home doesn’t allow you to do that, you will only need a corner in your home with a desk and an ergonomic chair.  

The most important thing to remember is to use this space exclusively for your work without using it for other activities. 

Gather everything you need in this space – like your equipment and other resources, and make it comfortable and functional for your hours spent working. 

You won’t have to redesign your home and perform any renovation work, as you can simply use partition elements such as Venetian blinds for the interior or panel curtains. 

Make your workspace comfortable

Another essential element for making you more productive is comfort.

Working in a cramped space is surely more stressful, both mentally and physically, and because of this, you might have to take longer or more frequent breaks.

If you want to feel at ease when working, your posture should be optimal for your sight and hearing, and comfortable for the rest of your body.

For this reason, you should take into consideration elements such as illumination, soundproofing, room temperature and the comfort of your furniture.

A work-space full of natural light, will allow you to save on your bills, improve concentration and reduce stress and anxiety. 

To have natural light in the best possible way, you can choose double-glazing Venetian blinds and enjoy all their benefits:

  • regulation of natural light
  • less encumbrance compared to traditional curtains
  • less cleaning and maintenance needed 
  • soundproofed environment, thanks to the double glazing
  • improved room temperature control as they prevent drafts 
  • improved energy savings 

To make your workstation even more comfortable, you should also position your desk next to a window and use an ergonomic chair that will improve your posture when working on a laptop.

A correct posture while working is crucial to guaranteeing comfort and good long-term physical health.

Furnish your workstation 

You need to keep in mind these three things when choose the right furnishings to complement your workstation:

  1. your work needs
  2. personal comfort
  3. budget

The need for office furniture and equipment can vary depending on the activities you need to perform and also if you have to receive clients at home.

Generally speaking, you will need a desk, a chair, a filing cabinet, shelves, computer, modem, printer and a good lamp.

Personal comfort, as we already mentioned, is essential and while you furnish your room, make sure that your workstation can provide you with ergonomic support.

In terms of budget, you should plan your purchases and all the changes that you have in mind, taking into consideration that you don’t need extensive refurbishing work but just a bit of creativity. 

Working from home is a very common alternative these days, and creating a good workstation and a comfortable environment will help you to achieve great levels of productivity. 

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