Windows with built-in Venetian blinds: safety and practicality

Windows with built-in Venetian blinds offer an innovative and original solution with obvious advantages in terms of practicality and efficiency, but also in terms of aesthetics and home security.

In the pages of this blog, we have repeatedly emphasised the ability of internal blinds to enhance both the furniture and the building, thanks to their undeniable elegance.

Placed in a protected structure inside the glass, they guarantee good thermal and acoustic insulation, due to double protection: the glass and the curtain.

Replacing the old window frames with built-in Venetian blinds – or restoring old wooden windows – is a choice that is highly recommended today by the most scrupulous installers, but also by those who place the concepts of practicality and safety over aesthetics.

Windows with built-in blinds for more comfort at home

Everyone likes a cosy and comfortable home, one that is clean and tidy.

It is not always easy to cope with the accumulation of dust from fabrics or curtains, but an effective solution is the installation of windows with built-in blinds.

Venetian blinds that are hermetically protected between the two panes of glass of the window do not require constant maintenance, do not get dirty and do not accumulate dust or allergens. As they do not get damaged, they last longer, protect your privacy and filter light and heat.

Built-in blinds are also very versatile, so they can be inserted in any type of double-glazed window.

The choice of double-glazed blinds is the most suitable for those who want a tidier, cleaner and more harmonious home, those who want to optimize the use of energy and those who need to recover space next to the windows.

Windows with built-in blinds for greater energy savings

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the slats of the Venetian blind to regulate the entry of external light according to your needs, your rooms can be very bright or benefit from a more subdued and relaxing half-light.

If desired, the movement of the slats can also be managed with a handy electrical control.

The use of Venetian blinds inside the double glazing as a protection against overheating of rooms reduces thermal shock on hot days and improves heat dispersion during the cold months, thus providing considerable energy savings, reducing the energy consumed by fans, air conditioners or heating systems.

Windows with built-in blinds for greater security in the home

Windows with built-in Venetian blinds provide a very innovative product that is also designed to limit attempts to break in, thanks to the resistance of double (or triple) glass, the possibility to install armoured windows, and the adjustment of the Venetian blind slats to ensure the privacy of those living in the home.

The essential element to guarantee the durability of the double glazing – Venetian blind combination is the quality of the window frame.

Indeed, in addition to the fundamental role of glass, which must meet the requirements of current European standards, safety and resistance is ensured by the frame, which must be built with good quality materials, installed by qualified and experienced personnel.


Double-glazed Venetian blinds are therefore practical, functional and safe, offering a series of advantages that should not be underestimated.

The most important advantages are:

  • they do not clutter, do not require cleaning and do not interfere with window washing;
  • they reduce heat exchange factors;
  • they can be electrically operated and regulated;
  • they are an elegant design element;
  • they protect privacy by reducing visual contact with the outside;
  • they are versatile for any window or glazing, even when artistically decorated;
  • their durability is guaranteed for many years.

As you can see, windows with built-in blinds are a practical, functional and elegant solution to make rooms comfortable and to protect them from overheating, dust and prying eyes.

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