sunbell launches ai-sun

Sunbell launches the innovative Ai-Sun app

Sunbell is constantly growing and is now ready to launch Ai-Sun, a free app which allows users to manage and control their sun blinds directly from their mobile devices.

Innovation is an ongoing challenge that all companies need to meet if, like Sunbell, they aim at offering products that are in line with the latest trends and fulfil the development needs of the market and customers. With this in mind, Sunbell has decided to launch the Ai-Sun app. The app, which is free and already available for iOS devices, was developed in order to offer dedicated sun blind management.

With Ai-Sun you will be able to manage the Suncen blinds (Crystal line) from your mobile in just a few simple steps. An exclusive function allows you to make the most of your spaces by creating various light scenarios thanks to the automatic orientation of the blinds at different times of the day.

The app aims at offering a functional improvement to the management systems currently offered by the company, which, for over 40 years, has specialised in the creation of cutting-edge sun protection solutions.

If you already own a Suncen control unit, with a few minor changes you will be able to make the most of Sunbell technology and excellence. No need to dismantle the frame or carry out major work: you only have to install the new Suncen Smart control unit and with a LAN connection you can start using all the Ai-Sun functions straight away.

Tomorrow is already here with Sunbell.

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Sunbell, the future of blinds design
Born in 1977 thanks to the intuition of its founder Giuseppe Zuelli, Sunbell is a leader company  in the sector of technological advanced blind systems and it established itself for the strong connection between product development and design. High-end technology applied to solar shielding and a  ‘Made in Italy’ style are at the heart of all Sunbell projects, thanks to an innovative production process, in constant development.