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Say goodbye to dust: how to change your home with internal blinds

The problem of household dust is the result of the accumulation of fabric fibres, hair, dirt and much more.

Dust is the enemy of both the home and the health of those who live in or visit it, and leaving it lying for too long could cause or aggravate the symptoms of mild or serious allergies.

That is why it is very important to keep it under control with frequent, thorough cleaning, eliminating useless dust-collecting ornaments, and reducing the use of fabric, such as curtains.

This problem can be eliminated by installing windows equipped with glazing units with interior blinds, that fit in the gap between the two panes of glass.

Why eliminate household dust?

Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye and live mainly in mattresses, pillows, bed upholstery, curtains and wherever they can find the most favourable conditions to reproduce, away from the light.

It is very important to minimize the number of places where they can thrive because, if inhaled, they are one of the most frequent causes of respiratory symptoms and disorders such as allergies and asthma.

Often the mites cause itching, reddening of the eyes and sneezing.

In winter, for example, warm air from the heating moves the dust that lurks in heaters and radiators, so it is a must to keep them as clean as possible.

How to reduce dust in the home

Since the accumulation of dust can create inconvenience (which can be severe) for the inhabitants, obviously every effort should be made to reduce the problem.

In addition to cleaning the house, which is, of course, essential, to reduce dust it is also key to furnish the rooms appropriately.

For example, you should:

  • remove unnecessary knick-knacks, or clean them often;choose easy-to-clean materials, such as wood and metal;
  • avoid unnecessary draperies, curtains, cushions, soft toys;
  • choose a wooden or tiled floor, instead of carpets and rugs in which the mites can nest;
  • keep a mat at the entrance to the house, to remove dirt from your shoes before entering.

Having healthier air in the house can help decrease the formation of dust mites, so you should remember to replace the filters of the air conditioning and heaters, to maintain a good percentage of moisture in the air and, above all, to choose high-quality windows and doors that close off the house adequately and prevent dust from entering from outside.

When cleaning, you should use a damp or anti-static cloth that holds the dust and does not disperse it in the air, and ventilate rooms every day so that stale air and dust can be released to the outside atmosphere.

No dust, thanks to blinds inside the glass

Choosing the right type of blind for each environment is very complicated, which is why blinds fitted in the air space turn out to be an effective solution, helping to reduce the accumulation of dust mites and bacteria in curtains.

The operation of blinds mounted in the gap between the two glass panes, whether manual or electric, does not alter the insulating properties of the glazing unit and takes place in a totally sealed environment.

They provide absolute protection from dirt, dust and atmospheric agents, require minimal maintenance and come in different materials and types: Venetian, plissé and roller.

Each is suitable for a given environment and the choice of the right one will create the ideal atmosphere for a comfortable and welcoming home, reducing the problem of dust.

This alternative, in addition to preventing the accumulation of dust and eliminating the resulting cleaning work, also prevents wear and tear thanks to the housing of the blinds in a perfectly sealed space.

Also, in particularly sunny small homes, where it is important to optimise space, blinds in the insulating glass units are essential to be able to eliminate the annoying clutter of curtains in front of the windows, without forgetting the contribution of this type of fitting to the reduction of energy bills.

If you want to furnish your house with style, reduce the problem of dust accumulation on curtains and focus on an original and innovative solution, then Venetian blinds inside the glass are the perfect choice. 

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