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Electric blinds: easy to install, beautiful to look at

Contrary to what one might think, Venetian blinds are of Japanese origin and represent a functional solution that adapts to any type of window.

In fact, these are blinds made up of a series of rigid horizontal blades, supported by a wire, and adjustable by a special mechanism.

The slat angle adjustment allows you to decide the amount of light you want to penetrate into the rooms and, if completely closed ensures maximum privacy.

Usually, they are mounted on the inner side of the window, to protect them from atmospheric agents that could ruin them, but can also be installed outside, to the detriment of their longevity.

Venetian blinds: wide range of models and colours

Today there are venetian blinds, even economic ones, made to measure, in various styles, colours and materials, able to blend in with the furniture or to create strong contrasts.

The classic ones are white or wood-coloured, but you can recreate the environment you prefer by choosing the colour you want.

They are perfect for interior furnishing, because they can hide poor quality windows and enhance high-quality ones, without ruining them or altering their aesthetic beauty.

Electric blinds for interiors and exteriors

Venetian blinds are a furnishing complement that adapts easily to any type of environment, from classic to modern.

For greater ease of use, in addition to the traditional models, there are motorized versions, which facilitate the closure and inclination of the slats.

The precise brightness adjustment provides every room with elegance, design and functionality, and increases its aesthetic value.

They also adapt well to small spaces, such as bathrooms, and the simplicity of their maintenance makes them perfect for environments such as kitchens, where steam and temperature changes are recurrent.

Electric blinds are an excellent solution not only for interiors, but are also practical and modern for exterior facades.

What essentially distinguishes them from indoor models is the size of the slats and their distance: they are wider, to ensure a greater view towards the outside.

Usually they are made of aluminium and equipped with systems and mechanisms that protect them from sun-induced fading and deterioration from atmospheric agents.

Outdoor electric venetian blinds are also excellent for solar shading, which lets you get rid of bulky and sometimes unsightly curtains.

Electric blinds in the glass

There is a wide range of models of electric blinds, and the most innovative are undoubtedly the double-glazed structures.

In this case, the Venetian blinds are placed between the two glass panes that make up the window.

In this way, in addition to the advantage of thermal and acoustic insulation due to double glazing, the practicality of the almost zero maintenance of Venetian blinds is added, as well as the guarantee of a long life span.

The electric blinds in the double-glazing are not exposed to atmospheric agents, do not collide with the glass and do not accumulate dust or insects.

Installation of electric blinds

Electric blinds are an excellent alternative to traditional ones. The mechanism that drives them is very simple and the movement is bidirectional, allowing movement in both directions.

Electric blinds inside the double glazing

The Venetian blinds inside the double glazing must be installed by the window manufacturer; as regards our UP & DOWN model, it is not necessary to connect it to the electrical system, and the related masonry works.

Venetian blinds inside the double glazing, an advantageous and comfortable solution.

A very practical solution, which does not involve large jobs, with consequent additional costs to be incurred.

The whole installation concerns, the part related to the fixtures exclusively, without affecting the wall structure of the house in any way.

Electric blinds with 50, 12.5 and 15 mm slats

The external electric blinds, with 50 mm slats made of aluminium or wood, are installed using hooks fixed to the ceiling or wall.

The movement takes place thanks to the motors and to the connection to the electrical network, via 3 wires.

As regards, on the other hand, blinds with 12.5, 15 mm slats or fabric curtains, there is the possibility of connection to the mains or battery-powered movement, and fixing is via convenient snap clips.

All models can be connected to home automation systems, remote control systems via radio remote control or wall push button.

Electric blinds, a practical and aesthetic choice

Electric blinds are an excellent investment for your home, because they offer many advantages: they are practical, functional, resistant and protect the interior.

Automating Venetian blinds means aiming for comfort and privacy, managing the intensity of light to let the rooms filter, but also paying attention to safety, thanks to the possibility of closing them with a simple gesture.

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