Venetian blinds and office energy efficiency

Office energy efficiency is an important element for any business activity, both for financial and streamlining proposes, but also for the safeguarding of our environment.

An increasing number of companies around the world are adopting environmentally friendly solutions for their workplaces and transforming their offices, shops and factories to make them more eco-friendly.

This approach requires many interventions, at the individual and company level, that we will try to clarify in this article.

Let’s start with the ones at company level by discussing the importance of good thermal insulation for your office building.

How to improve the thermal insulation of your office

When we talk about energy efficiency from a structural point of view, we obviously think about the building and how it was constructed.

Unfortunately, the construction industry wasn’t very interested in the idea of thermal insulation and energy efficiency in the past, and as a result, old buildings suffer in hot summers and cold, humid winters.

In these cases, the easiest way to intervene is to install heating or cooling systems, depending on the different needs, but this obviously translates into more expensive energy bills. 

Before adopting this type of solution, which of course represents an additional cost for the budget of a company, it might also be possible to improve the thermal efficiency of an office through other solutions.

Office Venetian Blinds for outside and inside double glazing

One solution would be to fit your office with Venetian blinds which are easy to install, beautiful and ideal for regulating the light and temperature of the environment.

Another good investment would be to replace your old standard windows for double glazing, which will significantly improve the thermal insulation of your office. 

With this solution, you could also install Venetian blinds inside the double glazing and be able to manage both sunlight and heat throughout the year even more efficiently.

Thanks to their technology, double glazing Venetian blinds will enable you to perfectly regulate the orientation of the slats via a remote control and are ideal for reducing the accumulation of dust in your workplace. 

Energy efficiency meets beautiful aesthetics to perfection, transforming your old office into a modern, elegant and welcoming workplace.

10 tips for energy saving in your office

  1. Change old light bulbs for new LED ones. They will improve the lighting of your office and save you a lot of money when your next energy bill arrives.
  2. Don’t leave lights on, unless strictly necessary, after business hours.
  3. Where possible, position your desk perpendicular or close to windows.
  4. Don’t leave electronic devices on standby connected to power sources. The energy consumed every day is low, but it definitely adds up over the course of the year. 
  5. The ideal temperature during winter in an office is between 18 and 20°C, so endeavour to remain between these parameters. During summer, however, it’s recommended to avoid ‘thermal shocks’ and set an inside temperature no lower than 6-7°C compared to the external one, for health reasons.
  6. Special situations aside, don’t leave your computer on after business hours.
  7. Don’t place tables or other large furniture next to heating systems.
  8. Don’t leave your photocopier on all the time. Put it on standby when you’re not using it and switch it off completely after business hours.
  9. Switch the lights on only when needed and turn them off when you leave a room.
  10. Use your printer only when necessary and save electricity as well as paper and ink.


As you can see, it is possible to make your office more energy efficient, taking advantage of Venetian blinds, especially those for inside double glazing, and following a few easy rules that will help both your budget and our environment.  

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