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Sun shading blinds: what they are and what they are for

Protecting your home from direct sunlight to prevent overheating is essential, especially in homes where there are French windows or large windows.

Creating cool and pleasant environments should not, however, be at the expense of the brightness that large windows provide.

The most suitable choice for these situations is sun-blinds, because they can safely combine an appropriate intensity of light and protection from the hottest sun-rays.

What are sun-blinds

The sunshade, also known in French as brise-soleil, is an architectural element used to shield buildings from direct sunlight.

In the second half of the 20th century, the architect Le Corbusier was among the first to include it in his work, equipping the facades with deep concrete sunshades perfectly integrated into the structure of the buildings.

Today, it is widely used for public or private buildings comprised mainly large quantities of glass and metal, elements easily subject to solar overheating.

What are sun-blinds like

Sun-blinds are composed of many slats, fixed or mobile, and can be made of aluminium, PVC or wood.

In the case of mobile slats, you can adjust them and then decide the amount and intensity of sunlight that you want to let into your home.

Among the latest generation of sun-blinds you can find excellent solutions that combine aesthetic beauty with the guarantee of effective functionality.

The adjustable slats, connected to a modern technology, can ensure high durability and simple and economical maintenance.

Some sunshades are equipped with a locking catch that is not visible from the outside, so that, once the position of the slats has been decided and the lock has been positioned, any attempt at break-in can be avoided.

For models and colours, you can choose from a wide range of shades, especially if you opt for materials such as aluminium and wood, guaranteeing the customisation you prefer and an excellent aesthetic result. 

Sunshades and Venetian blinds: common elements

Sunshades are inspired by the concept of Venetian blinds and offer the same versatility and adaptability to different types of building structures.

Both systems allow you to enjoy the comfort of your living and working spaces, thanks to the sun’s rays regulation flexibility and protection from atmospheric agents.

Sunshades and blinds also have the same role as climatic shock absorbers in common, helping to save energy.


If the building where you live or work has large windows and a metal structure or cladding, it is advisable to opt for sun blinds in order to reduce the negative effects of exposure to sunlight, especially during warmer months.

Choose the practicality and functionality of these shades, which can offer you well-being and convenience.

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