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Panel blinds for storage rooms, walk-in cupboards and laundries

The traditional fabric curtain has some more modern sisters: panel blinds. Especially appreciated by those who love a fresh, young style, panel blinds are technical curtains made of textile panels that slide along a rail system.

It may look like there is too much distance between one panel and another but in reality they are designed using a system that guarantees total privacy when closed.

Moreover, as the panels are made from shielding fabric, they also mean light will not overheat the room.

These furnishing accessories are very versatile and represent an excellent solution not only for windows, but also as dividing elements in your home or as door replacements.

Good ideas stand out for their quick and easy implementation: panel blinds guarantee this and much more, such as the possibility of hiding a space from view without having to use a door.

Their aesthetics come from their functional technical design and their essentiality, able to make the environment elegant, both when applied to windows and when installed inside rooms as dividing elements.

Why choose panel blinds?

One of the many advantages of panel blinds is that they are very easy to install and use.

Each panel is linked to the others and slides along a rail fixed to the ceiling in sequence, or alternatively you can also choose free, movable and individually adjusted panels.

They can be grouped together from the left or right side, or they can be opened in the middle so that they are divided on each side of the window or space.

Thanks to the sliding system, the panels can be opened, overlapping each other, to maximise the view and natural light, or completely closed for total privacy.

They are available in a wide variety of models and systems to suit the size of the windows or spaces to be divided.

How to divide rooms with panel blinds

When you don’t have the option of dividing a room with a wall or closing it off with a door, creating two separate spaces can seem like a difficult puzzle to solve.

Have you ever thought about installing panel blinds?

Simple and easy to install, panel blinds can create a defined space in seconds.

When they are closed, the spaces will be divided into two different zones, or they will hide the often messy environments of a cupboard or storage room from.

When they are open, the room feel wider and more open.

The flexibility and lightness of panel blinds provide a lighter appearance than a wall or door, creating a simple and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for informal areas of your home.

Choose panel blinds for wardrobes, cupboards or laundries

At home, we often have spaces that it’s difficult to keep tidy on a daily basis, such as cupboards, storage rooms or laundries.

When you can’t hang a door to hide these spaces from view, the best solution becomes curtains or blinds.

Among the various models designed for hiding rooms from view, panel blinds are also aesthetically pleasing.

Hiding a wardrobe, a storage room or a laundry room by choosing a blind instead of a door is also a great way of adding a decorative element to the environment.

According to your personal taste and the style of your room, you can choose a fabric that contrasts or harmonises with the rest of the environment.

How to measure panel curtains

When thinking about the installation of the panel blinds, there are 3 things you need to consider in order to get the correct measurements:

  • the overall width of the space to be covered;
  • the individual width of each panel;
  • whether the panels should open at the left, the right or in the centre.

The panels are on a 2-track system, so they overlap, one in front of the other, staying close to the wall.

Remember, therefore, to check for any obstacles that prevent opening and be careful not to cover light switches.


As we have seen, panel blinds are a functional and elegant solution to hiding rooms from view, especially ones you don’t want guests to see!  

Although the measurement and installation are very simple, always turn to experts in the field who can direct you to the best choice for your home.

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