industrial chic

Industrial chic style furniture

Industrial chic consists of a combination of contemporary art, do-it-yourself and creative recycling, with very clear references to the “fabulous” 50s, when it began to spread in the United States with the declared aim of recovering disused spaces, such as old factories and industrial warehouses.

Furnishing in industrial chic style is the perfect choice for large, bright, open spaces, such as the lofts that are now so fashionable, and the furnishing elements recall those typical of production and industrial plants.

In fact, in many cases old furniture found in abandoned factories is upcycled and reused.

Industrial chic style: a fusion of vintage and contemporary

Despite being labelled as a contemporary furnishing style, industrial chic is not at all as cold and aseptic as one might think.

As we mentioned before, this style was born out of the desire to give new life to old disused buildings, making them habitable and welcoming.

The most common element in this style of furnishing is metal, often combined with wood, to balance its coldness.

The combination of these two materials reinforces the reference to industrial settings, typical of reused buildings, and the timeless charm of wood, which conveys a feeling of warmth and hospitality. 

Industrial chic style: emphasise the structure

If you are thinking of renovating an old building in industrial chic style, our advice is to emphasise the original structure, preserving, where possible, exposed brick walls, wooden beams or wide and long metal frames.

Cement floors and exposed water systems add an extra touch to the creation of an industrial chic interior, because the environment will be enriched by functional elements of great aesthetic impact, which immediately recall the industrial past.

Do not plaster, unless strictly necessary, in order to not distort the particularity of this design. If you have to, use a rough-effect plaster.

Industrial style: tell a story

If you love this style and have chosen it for your home, remember to focus on furnishing accessories that tell a story.

You can have fun in the markets buying things that look rough strong, remembering that you can use wooden cabinets, leather armchairs and old pallets to mitigate the coldness of the metal.

Forgotten machinery and objects are ideal: old sewing or typewriting machines, tool trolleys, old wall clocks, advertising signs or chains, are perfect decorative elements for an industrial style.

If desired, pieces of iron, steel or aluminium can also be assembled to create new objects, such as tables, shelves or chairs.

For the lighting, the focus is on pendant chandeliers or antique laboratory lamps with a vintage feel, or contemporary cold light LED spotlights.

Don’t forget that creatively reused antique objects and materials always give added value to this style of furnishing.

Industrial chic style with aluminium Venetian blinds

As you’ll have understood, industrial chic furniture uses metallic materials and shades of grey, white and rust.

Since this style is suitable for large rooms, in order to divide them and not lose the optical effect of width and brightness, you can opt for transparent and unobstructed windows.

The importance of light in this type of interior is essential, so even the windows must be spacious, and in order not to obscure the environment it is better not to use bulky curtains.

The ideal solution is to choose aluminium blinds, which will not only add value to the house, but will be perfectly adapted to the characteristics of this style.

They are minimalist, which reduces the overall dimensions and enhances the furnishings, and make the whole environment elegant.

Their installation and maintenance is very practical, and they allow you to adjust the light intensity according to your needs.

If you want to install them in an industrial chic context, you can also choose electrically operated aluminium blinds, which allow you to adjust the light according to your living needs with a remote control or a wall button.

Obviously, always pay attention to the quality of the product and turn to competent retailers, because low quality aluminium Venetian blinds can quickly deteriorate and need to be changed.

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