Arredamento minimal chic tende

Minimal chic décor: what window blinds to choose

Furnishing a house with a minimal chic decor can be a decision dictated purely by your personality or by the need for order and tranquillity derived from our frantic lives.

Abandoning anything that is not needed can help you mitigate your stress and it can also be a very sophisticated and elegant choice.

The foundation of minimal chic decor is a primary base colour, usually a tenuous one, such as white, beige or even grey, as this is a style that uses colours and materials to inspire a sense of cleanness, freshness and calm.

This is not a dull and lazy approach, but an elegant and tidy style.

Mixing materials such as marble, porcelain and fabrics based on their colours give the room a modern, refreshing and relaxing design.

One of the most challenging moments when we are creating a minimal chic decor is the type of window blinds to go with it.

When we choose a modern and minimalist style for our home, we tend to disregard curtains and window blinds as they rarely offer something innovative and minimal, even if they can make the space more welcoming

However, this is not entirely true, unless we have in mind classic solutions like large cumbersome curtains, as there are many other options to choose from.

On top of that we have to remember that if we don’t use blinds we have no privacy and this is an option only for houses far away from prying eyes.

Let’s take a look at the most suitable window blinds for a minimal-chic decor to try to find the right options for your needs.

Minimal chic decor: roller blinds

Roller blinds are suitable for every room as they are very versatile and customisable in many ways.

Their structure makes them aerodynamic and minimalistic, creating an atmosphere which is both modern and innovative for your house.

Generally, they can be installed also on custom or moulded windows.

This type of blinds come in many colours and patterns, however, if you want to go for the minimal-chic design it would be better to choose the single colour ones.

Choosing white or black blinds will give your house a modern minimal and elegant look.

With regard to the light, when adopting a minimal-chic design it’s important to use as much natural light as possible and maybe use rollers to filter it and create a magical effect.

Roller blinds are suitable for essential and sober spaces and if you want to decorate your space without using large and incumbent objects

Minimal chic decor: Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are ideal to give a clean feeling and a tidy atmosphere to a room, far away from prying eyes.

These blinds can be installed in any window thanks to an easy system to regulate their dimensions.

There are many types of Venetian blinds, but aluminium is the standard material as it’s light, easy to clean, and long-lasting over time.

Again, for minimal chic decor, your choice should go for light colour Venetian blinds to create a spacious, modern and refined feeling.

The simple design of Venetian blind will be perfect with this type of style which needs straight and clean lines.

Minimal chic decor: double glazing blinds

Simple lines and minimal furniture accessories represent also the idea of a technological house where windows and blinds can open and close automatically.

For this reason, if you want to go for an elegant style which is even more innovative you can always choose Venetian blinds for inside double glazing with automatic movement.

With this option, a nice sense of order and cleanness will always be present thanks to the design of the blind which is sealed inside the double glazing and therefore safe from dust allergens and atmospheric agents.

On top of this, there are other benefits that Venetian blinds for inside double glazing can give you:

  • Regulate lighting and heat in a simple and efficient way
  • Easiness of use: the system can also be motorised so that it can be used in an easy and practical way
  • Hygiene:  the blinds will always be sealed inside the glass
  • Space savers: Venetian blinds for double glazing  are not at all cumbersome
  • They will protect your privacy anytime you need it

As we just saw, when creating a minimal-chic decor it’s important to choose furniture accessories there are simple but at the same time of good quality and durable over-time.

The most important suggestion then we can give you is “less is more”, especially when you want to create a minimalistic decor where every element needs to work harmoniously to create the perfect design.



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