tende colori sonno

Colours that can help you sleep: the importance of blinds

The quality of your sleep depends on many factors, such as noises and lights coming from outside or even stress that we accumulate throughout the day.

To enjoy a good long-lasting and relaxing sleep, you should also think about the interior design and decorations of your bedroom.

The colours of window blinds and other furniture accessories are very important to create a comfortable environment that can improve the quality and hours of your sleep effectively.

Some colour tones can create an atmosphere of serenity while others can stimulate brain activities. That’s why it’s very important to choose the right one.

Chris Idzikowski, a researcher at the Sleep Centre in Edinburgh, explains how human receptors present in our eyes, such as retinal ganglion cells for example, which perform the task of sending information to the brain, are more sensitive to specific colours.

A survey performed by Travelodge has analysed 2000 homes in the UK discovering that blue was the most popular choice followed by yellow and green.

For more information regarding the most relaxing colours take a look at this infographic.

tende colori sonno

Blue is the colour of serenity

Considering its effect on sleep patterns, blue and all its shades are amongst the most suitable colours to improve the quality of your sleep.

58% of British people with blue furniture accessories and blue walls responded to have woken up feeling happier and more energetic.

It seems that, in our mind, the colour blue is associated with calming and relaxing feelings that help prevent nightmares.

On average, people who sleep in a bedroom with blue curtains enjoy around 7 hours and 53 minutes of sleep, more than someone who chooses other colours.

The good news is that the market offers different types of blinds available in many shades of blue, like natural cotton roller blinds, extremely versatile and suitable for any design.

Yellow is the colour of relaxation

The second most relaxing colour after blue is yellow because it seems to affect our nervous system.

People that work in a stressful environment, or that are feeling particularly tense, can have maximum benefit from the sense of fun and joy that this colour generates in people.

Yellow blinds are very warm and can evoke the image of the sun, to the point of helping the body to relax.

This colour is a bit more unusual then blue, but it’s not difficult to use in window blinds as, for example, it’s very easy to purchase aluminium Venetian blinds painted with a lovely shade of this colour.

Green is the colour of positivity

Green is the colour of the grass and it’s ideal also to make a bedroom more relaxing.

If you are very busy or stressed, this is your perfect colour as its shades will make you more relax and will improve the quality of your sleep.

According to the same survey, people who sleep in bedrooms with green walls or green furniture accessories usually enjoy 7 hours and 30 minutes of sleep.

This is a really good average but not as good as for the people who usually sleep in blue bedrooms.

Green pastel blinds are the best however, you will always be able to opt also for kiwi shades, metallic green and olive green.

Also, colours like green apple and lime can help you to enjoy relaxing moments, especially when matched by the practicality of single-control Venetian Blinds.

Silver is the colour of the moon

In the same survey, silver seemed to be also a popular colour because it can help people to sleep as it reminds them of the moon.

Silver coloured furniture accessories can send signals to the brain indicating that is night and therefore that “it’s sleep time”.

People sleeping in a room with silver colours can rest an average of 7 hours and 21 minutes which is plenty of time guarantee a relaxing time for our organism.

If you are not 100% convinced by silver, you can also go for grey choosing standard Venetian blinds.

Colours to avoid in a bedroom

Some colours are capable of helping your sleep and, likewise, other colours could worsen the quality of your nighttime rest.

Some colours to avoid in window blinds and furniture accessories are red, violet, black and intense orange.

These lively colours can send to your brain stimulating colours making it more difficult to relax.

Allowing yourself to sleep might become more complicated as your eyes will send you more input to stay awake.

As we have seen in our blog, choosing the right colour for your window blinds is something very important to give more personality to our rooms but also to improve the quality of our sleep.

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