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How to choose window blinds for your Beach House

A beach house is usually a type of home that people use less throughout the year but it is still a destination that we want to decorate with care for enjoying our holidays.

Designed for our relax and for being used during periods where we need time off, a beach house is often an excellent place where you can use marine style decorations.

When using colours inspired by the sea, the sky breaking waves and the different tones of the sand, you will be able to furnish your beach house with the perfect nautical style.

You will have fun getting inspired by the sea world when you choose furniture accessories like pillows, carpets, and of course window blinds that can give a lot of character to a room.

Now let’s take a look at the options that you have for blinds and let’s see the best models to choose for your beach house.

Beach house window blinds:  Seaside Style

Seaside style is very chic and versatile, perfect for any furniture design thanks to its flexibility and openness to customization.

Usually, the colours used are blue, cream and beige and are enhanced by accessories made by wood, ceramic and shells which are especially charming if found directly on the beach.

The soft palette of these colours will evoke a calm feeling which is going to be very relaxing for you.

The visual aspect will make this design perfect for those moments when you need to relax and keep the stress outside the front door.

For obtaining this look, you will only need to paint the walls with a simple cream colour, highlight wooden accessories and choose floorings with blue shades.

To complete the atmosphere, blue or cream Venetian blinds will be perfect.

Thanks to their versatility they are perfect for filtering the sunlight, protecting you from the air flow and safeguarding your privacy.

Venetian blinds are also perfect for your beach house because they are very easy to clean and they won’t fear sand or salt.

Beach house window blinds:  Beach Style

Beach Style is perfect for houses where there are many children to create a fun environment using extravagant accessories, reminiscent of days spent on the beach.

The walls need to be white to create a backdrop for blue and yellow accessories while floors have to evoke the blue of the sea and the yellow of the sand.

Amongst all the different models you could choose yellow or green roller blinds that will inject a touch of life and fun in the space but will also be very functional.

When using rollers blinds in a beach house, it would be ideal to choose a reflecting fabric which, thanks to the mix of the metallic surface on one side and Trevira fabric on the other, will protect you from heat preventing the space from warming up.

Rollers blinds are perfect for giving a touch of originality in your beach house and adding a design accessory. However, you will need to pay attention and mix them well though, otherwise you might get a confused style as a result.

Beach house window blinds: Marine Style

The marine style includes fun and extravagant furniture accessories like cartoon style fish and marine creatures.

You can reproduce underwater scenes for your beach house with the help of colours, fabrics and accessories.

For feelingfully immersed under the water, use a fresh oceanic blue for the floors and shades of green for the walls.

For recreating the quietness that you experience while underwater, there is nothing better than Venetian blinds for double glazing.

One of the advantages of this type of blind is the easy cleaning process as you won’t have to unmount them, wash them, iron them and put them back in place as they are completely sealed and protected by external agents.

The most suitable colour of Venetian blinds for double glazing with this type of style is light blue, or maybe a delicate water green.

To complete a relaxing atmosphere, choose an automatic movement system, to be able to manage them easily as you relax in your beach house.

Beach house window blinds: Sailing Style

Sailing boats are another sea-related theme that can be appreciated by both children and adults.

The little ones will love to see their home enriched by accessories like decorative sailing boats to play with, whereas the grown-ups could enjoy decorations like nautical knots, oar, ship’s wheels and anchors.

The best colours to reproduce the inside of sailing boats are ideally blue and white with white floors.

The ideal blinds here are Venetian blinds in white wood, practical, functional and most of all very durable.

Elegant and very pleasant to the touch, they offer a feeling of very natural pleasure.

Wooden Venetian blinds will regulate the light in your beach house, keeping the perfect temperature for the summer season.

So, if you are thinking of furnishing your home with a marine style, which is very suitable for this kind of properties, think carefully about the window blinds to choose and ask the advice of professionals capable of helping you and satisfy your needs.



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