I trend dell'interior design per il 2022

Interior design trends for 2022

Interior design trends are constantly evolving: discovering each year’s trend of themoment helps us to reorganize and update our home so that it is always fashionable.

In light of the last two difficult years it seems that, like the rest of the world, interior design has had to learn to adjust to changing circumstances.

Asymmetries, imbalances, irregularities and unforeseen events are all elements that will be highlighted in next year’s trends. Trends will focus on the effect of time on objects, and on the beauty of old, worn or incomplete things.

A reminder of the pandemic years just passed: we don’t have all the time in the world, so we should learn to appreciate the little details that make each piece unique.

Therefore, without further ado, here are the interior design trends for 2022.

1. Neutral and Natural Tones

Neutral shades never go out of fashion, and these tones will be even more present in 2022. After almost two years of living and working at home, we tend to want quiet and cozy environments. Choosing neutral and natural tones will provide this.

Gray, beige and white, brown with its warm shades, hints of green to evoke relaxation, and shades of intense pink to radiate warmth, will be trending.

Stained glass, and unusual shapes such as pentagons or triangles will be very popular in 2022.

And, in décor and furnishings, nature-inspired colours and textures will become prevalent.

2. Biophilic Design

The term biophilia literally means “love of life”: biophilic design draws on a love of nature to dictate canons of interior design. In 2022 a principal trend will be one that seeks to bring nature into a space through the use plants and natural tones.

After lockdowns and restrictions, the focus will be on regaining our connection with the natural world  through the use of biophilic design principles. 

Emphasis will be given to creating relaxing environments with natural lighting and ventilation.

Adding plants to our rooms will improve our mood and put us in touch with nature: a much appreciated type of plant is the  sansevieria, which can remove toxins from the air.

3. Curved and vintage furniture

Another trend of 2022 will be the inclusion of typical chubby design curved furniture in our homes. This trend harks back to the mid-20th century, to the 60s and 70s, when sinuous pieces of furniture were preferred. 

Today, curved mirrors and kitchen islands, and rounded furniture such as chairs, sofas and armchairs with a curved back, are being chosen for our homes.

Linear décor gives a hard, angular feel to the room, whereas curved furniture manages to soften the atmosphere in favour of comfort and well-being.

Vintage furniture will also come back to the fore: purchasing from sustainable and ethical retailers will help us be more responsible, both in regard to our finances and to the environment.  

So, where to find these unique and important pieces? In thrift stores and flea markets, but also online.

And that’s not all!

A 2022 trend will be “Newstalgia”: refreshing retro furnishings and decor with contemporary accents  and new technologies.

The idea is to have vintage or antique elements that both evoke nostalgia and offer the comforts of modern technology.

4. Sustainable materials

Ecological and sustainable materials will engage an increasing amount of space in our homes as we begin to understand the importance of taking care of the environment.

We are seeing the benefits of integrating energy-efficient products into our homes, thus reducing waste from heating and lighting needs.

In 2022 there will be more focus on sustainability in furniture, products and lighting, and in the way we design our spaces.

5. Multifunctional spaces and furnishings

Another interior design trend for 2022 will be the focus on multifunctional spaces, furniture, rooms, and objects. Staying at home for months has allowed many of us (especially design enthusiasts) to see how every space in the house is used, and to see how we could improve the function of each individual room.

During the pandemic, we had to carve out office spaces and study rooms at home. This helped us think about how we could make our homes an oasis in which to spend more quality time. 

In addition to the idea of multifunctional environments, the trend will focus on elements and furniture that have more than one purpose, especially for those who live in a smaller space.

6. Minimalist and nature-inspired curtains  

As we know, curtains are very important to creating the right atmosphere in our homes. The trend for 2022 is  minimalist and  inspired by nature.

The main features of curtains in 2022 will be  simplicity, functionality and neutrality.

There will be a preference for simple models which fulfill their purpose in managing light and heat efficiently, and are of neutral, relaxing colours. 

As for materials, the 2022 trend is based on natural fabrics, such as linen, and on the ever-trendy wooden venetian blinds.

7. Japandi style

As we have already mentioned, the Japandi style is increasingly  in vogue, and will be all the more so in 2022.

Japandi is a Scandinavian-Japanese mix. Strictly minimalist, it brings to a space many natural elements with soft colours, natural light, plants, and simple, clean lines.

Japanese comfort is paired with the functionality of Scandinavian design.


The interior design trends for 2022 all point to a combination of essentiality and efficiency. Much space will be given to multifunctional elements that bring a sense of well-being and practicality to an environment.

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