Comfort Town_la città a forma di Lego in Ucraina

Comfort Town: a Lego-inspired town in Ukraine

Comfort Town is the name of a residential complex developed in Kiev, Ukraine, and designed by architects Dmytro Vasyliev, Aleksandr Popov, and Olga Alfiorova from studio Archimatika.

Considered the most innovative project developed in the last 25 years in the former Soviet Union area, this residential complex transformed an ex-industrial area into a residential neighbour designed in modular blocks.

This revolutionary approach offers affordable housing by optimising building techniques and processes. This concept is also highlighted in the tagline of the project:

‘Here is where your neighbours become your relatives and the garden a whole big family.’

Comfort Town: Low prices and high living standards 

The name given to the projects also aims to represent its main objectives: improving the residents’ living standards, and protecting existing residents while also adopting pastel colours for the estates.

Comfort Town is located on the outskirts of Kiev. It occupies about 40 hectares and the aerial view looks like a Lego City

The main source of inspiration for the project was the famous building blocks. Architects wanted to create an estate with simple geometries, flat facades without balconies, and painted with pastel colours.

Thanks to these modular blocks, the neighbour presents an even distribution of large roads, green spaces with play areas, and sports centres. 

On top of that, residents can benefit from a large fitness centre, a shopping centre, and the Academy of Modern Education; an education complex with a nursery, a primary school, and a secondary school. 

Archimatika Studio managed to build a residential estate capable of raising people’s living standards, which also managed to keep low building costs. 

This was possible thanks to the absence of decorative elements like balconies and a strong focus on windows and colours. 

The look of the estate 

Can the presence of colour increase living comfort and the estate residents’ quality of living? It can, especially if it’s part of an approach implementing different elements all aimed at increasing living standards.

The estate’s harmony and balance are created by alternating buildings with different heights and orientations, sloping roofs, and the absence of balconies.

Together with colours and breaking the grey colour palette of most estates, all these elements bring harmony, luminosity, happiness, and comfort.

This project, developed around a focus on the wellbeing of the residents, quickly became the favourite neighbourhood for young families and young professionals.

Comfort and practicality are implemented in every detail with a modern approach to preserve people’s privacy.

To conclude, Comfort Town is welcoming, safe, and comfortable – a very successful project indeed!

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