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How to install draught excluders for your windows and doors

If the windows and doors in your house are not properly insulated, there will always be a problem with draughts: in summer hot air will enter, which will hinder the operation of air conditioners, and in winter cold air will reduce the heating efficiency of the radiators.

These situations are quite typical for old houses, but also for newer houses not built with cutting-edge technology, and it often leads to added expenditure on the family energy budget.

For a long time, the classic sausage along the base of a window or door has been the cheapest solution, but in the long run it is certainly not the most convenient one.

A valid alternative to emergency measures is to consider a new window, either by replacing the single glazing with new insulating glass or by installing a complete new window frame that complies with current standards.

These solutions not only offer an aesthetic improvement and a more comfortable living environment, but also the advantage of energy saving, avoiding the loss of temperature from inside the house.

According to numerous studies, 75% of the energy consumed for domestic heating is dispersed through uninsulated walls, doors, windows and roofs.

New, well-insulated windows and doors bring real energy savings with obvious benefits for gas and electricity bills but also for the environment, because less consumption means less pollution and fewer harmful emissions.

How to reduce draughts in your home

As we have said, the windows are the weakest points of the house, because if they are not correctly insulated they allow draughts to enter, which is bad both for health and for the wallet.

If there are reasons why you can’t replace your  windows, there are cheaper ways of reducing draughts in your house.

To improve the insulation of the windows, you can insert adhesive rubber or foam rubber seals.

In this way, the cold air will stay outside and the warm air inside, to create a comfortable environment at pleasant temperatures, allowing radiators or air conditioners to be switched on for shorter periods of time.

Both seals, however, have a limited life span and need to be replaced after a few years.

Furthermore, and this should not be underestimated, the use of these products brings undoubted benefits in terms of sound insulation.

Another tip is to close any gaps between the shutter boxes and the wall using a bit of putty or sealant.

With these simple, low cost tips you can protect every room from draughts.

In addition, don’t forget that, as well as having obvious disadvantages in terms of energy use, draughts are also not good for your health, so to have an efficient house you ensure the entire building is airtight.

In simple terms, there must not be any type of connection between the inside and outside of the house that can allow air to pass through.

For proper ventilation of the room, it is sufficient to keep the windows open for 4 minutes a day and no longer.

How to install draught excluders to your window

To isolate the windows, you must block all the draughts and, as we have seen, one solution is to apply bi-adhesive draught shields.

Here’s how:

  • remove the old draught shields, if any;
  • clean and sand the window frame with sandpaper to obtain a smooth surface;
  • separate the bi-adhesive strips;
  • measure the necessary strip length;
  • apply the strips along the inner, outer and upper profiles of the window;
  • check that the window closes properly and that the window protector fills the slots;
  • do not touch the seal for a few hours for better adhesion.

In short, there are many solutions for protecting yourself from annoying draughts, from DIY to those that are more expensive, but certainly more efficient and durable.

Replacing an old window frame with one equipped with double glazing, even if it may seem more expensive, undoubtedly offers many more advantages, both for energy saving, and also for physical well-being and privacy.

It is also possible to insert manually or automatically controlled blinds inside the double glazing, which regulate the intensity of the light and the visibility of the rooms.

It takes very little to eliminate draughts and gain in health and comfort.

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