tende plissettate per la cameretta

How to decorate your Baby Room with pleated curtains

When it’s time to furnish the children’s room, it’s never easy. 

There are many things to consider in order to organize it in the best way, but don’t worry because safety, happiness, space optimization, attention to detail and lots of fun can coexist.

Baby Room: a child-friendly room

First of all, remember that the bedroom set must be child-friendly, both in size and safety, practicality and effectiveness. 

The preferred materials are always hypoallergenic, natural, with rounded corners and treated with non-toxic paints. 

As for the color, the children’s bedroom must be lively and cheerful, to stimulate their imagination

It is not necessary, however, to be excessive or too eccentric. It is always better to choose lively combinations of furniture or accessories inserted in a room with walls in delicate shades.

The stereotypes that pink is suitable for girls and blue for boys are no more. Let yourself be inspired by other colours and shades, such as aquamarine, which is relaxing, or orange, sunny and gritty.

If, on the other hand, you prefer neutral, white or cream walls, you can indulge yourself with wall stickers. There are some beautiful and practical ones, which don’t leave any marks and can be removed and reattached easily, even by children.

If the room is small or shared with siblings, make sure everyone has their own space, taking into consideration over-bed units or bunk beds.

For the safety of your children, opt for non-slip carpets and pleated interior curtains instead of traditional ones.

Pleated blinds for the safety of your children

Traditional blinds can be dangerous, because your child can trip or cling to them for fun, risking pulling down the stick from the wall and hurting themselves.

If, however, you do not want to give up the aesthetic beauty of traditional blinds, perhaps decorated with cartoon characters or other elements typical of a child’s world, we advise tying the curtains on both sides and darkening or illuminating the room with pleated blinds inside the glass. 

Later in this article we will focus on this hypothesis, suitable not only for the needs of a children’s room, but also for furnishing the kitchen.

Pleated blinds for the children’s room: play with colours

You can also buy pleated blinds in different colors, so you can play with the shades, picking up those of the furniture or walls, or in your children’s favourite colors.

If there are several windows in the room, or a window comprised several glasses, then you can play with the contrasts, also creating depth in the room.

Today the market offers numerous models and colour combinations to enhance the beauty of the window frames, of the chosen furnishings, to make the room look bigger and brighter or simply to suit children’s tastes.

Pleated blinds inside the glass

An innovative and very practical solution is the blind inside the insulating glass, which avoids the accumulation of dust on the fabric, safeguarding children’s health.

The pleated blinds inside the glass are discreet and can enhance any type of environment, even children’s bedrooms. They are suitable for regulating the amount of light, and can be easily installed on any type of insulating glass window: a valid and practical alternative to bulky traditional curtains.

Installation is very simple and quick.

In addition, the pleated fabrics inside the glass have a high resistance to sunlight, so they do not fade easily, are protected from dirt and water and provide excellent privacy.

You can choose the fabrics according to how much light you want to let into your home, although pleated blinds are very versatile thanks to the various opening possibilities.

If you want, you can opt for electric blinds inside the glass, which allows you to adjust the brightness through a convenient and practical remote control.

As you can see, pleated blinds are an excellent solution for furnishing your children’s bedrooms, because they guarantee safety, privacy and cheerfulness, without giving up natural light.

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